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The values that steer Spixii’s ship

3 min read

The values that steer Spixii’s ship

The well-kept secret behind Spixii’s name revealed

How the end of the decade felt at Spixii

Unveiling the challenges faced by brokers

Harsh winters could lead to some serious healthcare

Got a sweet tooth? Prepare for a hole in your pocket after the holidays

How can motor insurance stay in the green this brutal winter?

As car sales sputter and slow down... will motor insurance too?


7 tips to ensure you return safely to your family in the winters

4 reasons why automobile accidents are higher during winter

Microinsurance for millennials: the A to Z

Revealing! The smart way to break in the microinsurance market

How to prepare for the growing demand for microinsurance?

The black and white of microinsurance

What is Microinsurance and why is it important?

The economy is slowing down: what does it mean for insurance companies?

The 3 T's of successfully capturing the millennial market

Stepping out of home: global Insurance and InsurTech trends that you must know

Looking in the crystal ball: the future of insurance in 2030

No one does it like us: 3 reasons why Spixii solutions will work for your business

Demystifying the Spixii offerings

The carefully veiled secret to customer satisfaction: automated insurance solutions

Why is customer satisfaction more than just a marketing metric?

Earn the gold star for travel insurance this summer with Spixii solutions

The secret of truly secure travel insurance in 2019: Spixii solutions

The travel insurance industry is taking off and it needs Spixii solutions to truly fly

Stranded overseas during the holiday season? Here is how Spixii solutions can come to your rescue

How can Spixii solutions help customers with pre-existing medical conditions?

Insurance stories: what happened to an Italian and his Vespa (Part Two)

Insurance stories: what happened to an Italian and his Vespa (Part One)

Interview with Patrick Fagan, Behavioural Scientist

3 questions to ask your insurance chatbot technology provider

Building a human company: what is it like to work at Spixii?

Why helping Zurich win a British Claims Award is more than a win

Interview with Steve White and Andy Thornley, BIBA

3 ways empathy is your most undervalued asset

Highlights from the BIBA 2018 Hackathon

The future of voice for insurance

A walkthrough of the compliance tool

Brokers, how to make change happen

3 books that shaped Spixii's approach to customer development

The 5 biggest misconceptions about AI and chatbots

The 3 pillars of a successful insurance chatbot

Spixii spotlight: Renaud Million, CEO and co-founder

Highlights from the Bupa Blue Table Demo Day

Spixii spotlight: John Moore, Bupa Customer Lab

3 ways to collaborate with startups for customer-focused innovation

The Spixii effect: designing products around customer problems

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The values that steer Spixii’s ship

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The well-kept secret behind Spixii’s name revealed

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How the end of the decade felt at Spixii

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Unveiling the challenges faced by brokers

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