How can customer service operations save money?

5 min read

How can customer service operations save money?

What are the 3 steps to reduce the stress experienced by customer service consultants?

What did we learn from going through the new ISO 27001:2022 certification?

Empowering intermediaries with conversational process automation

Access to your own SQL database

Why self-serve improves the customer experience

How to unlock self-serve through Conversational Process Automation

Customer-first: Exploring the Self-serve technology landscape

Capturing Conversations: How to overcome the Insurance Industry’s main challenges

The 3 key features any safe insurtech must have

3 ways to increase customer engagement in financial services

The sweet spot between smooth operations and customer experience

Setting the new benchmark for digital customer experience in claims beyond the FNOL

The (not too distant) future for insurance

Weathering storm and critical events with resilient claims operations

2021 Insurance Retrospective: Top 3 Key Learnings

Demystifying automation in insurance

What truly makes a chatbot intelligent

Generalist or Specialist: Which Chatbot is Right for You?

How to make the most of the automation ecosystem

Supercharging insurance businesses: Embedded insurance & CPA

The mysterious link between Turing Machines and Spixii CPA

Uncovering the veil behind Spixii's brand

How to address new FCA pricing practices

How to address insurance’s decreasing customer satisfaction

Onboarding affinity partners with the best-in-class experience

The destiny of call centres and the future of customer service

How Conversational Process Automation is evolving webform transactional processes

How to perform an efficient insurance Business Process Review (BPR)

The Three Main Data Challenges in the Insurance Industry

How to minimise insurance costs with lean business principles

Safeguarding the future by increasing insurance business resilience

How insurers can meet the needs of vulnerable customers with Conversational Process Automation and 24/7 chatbots

How Conversational Process Automation and Conversational AI differ

How to avoid chatbots' failure with Conversational Process Automation

CPA + RPA: Enable self-service for customers

How to evolve conversations with customers from analogue to digital?

How to choose the right insurtech collaborator

COVID Aftermath: What's Next?

Are insurance businesses ready for AI?

How to ensure compliance in chatbot conversations

The benefits of end-to-end automation for insurance

Insurtech myths you probably believe

Streamlining clunky processes with CPA

Evolving through Straight Through Processing

How insurance’s past can inform your company’s future

Data Quality for Operational Excellence

COVID-19 and Digital Transformation

Conversational Process Automation: what is it and how is it better?

Are you innovating or transforming?

Chatbots: failure or future?

Change in customer behaviours: challenges and opportunities for insurances companies

What COVID-19 is teaching the insurance world

Why chatbots for surge and risk management?

Why selling insurance through social media remains a challenge

Social media intelligence for insurance?

How technology will transform life insurance

Coronavirus and insurance: threat or opportunity?

How to revive the dying life insurance industry

3 reasons why the life insurance industry is struggling

The impact of Coronavirus on Insurance

5 insurance trends that will dominate 2020

The fascinating link between Valentine’s Day and insurance

Insurers, are you ready for Brexit?

Interview with Spixii CEO, Renaud Million

The values that steer Spixii’s ship

How the end of the decade felt at Spixii

Unveiling the challenges faced by brokers

Harsh winters could lead to some serious healthcare

Got a sweet tooth? Prepare for a hole in your pocket after the holidays

How can motor insurance stay in the green this brutal winter?

As car sales sputter and slow down... will motor insurance too?

7 tips to ensure you return safely to your family in the winters

4 reasons why automobile accidents are higher during winter

Microinsurance for millennials: the A to Z

Revealing! The smart way to break in the microinsurance market

How to prepare for the growing demand for microinsurance?

The black and white of microinsurance

What is Microinsurance and why is it important?

The economy is slowing down: what does it mean for insurance companies?

The 3 T's of successfully capturing the millennial market

Stepping out of home: global Insurance and InsurTech trends that you must know

Looking in the crystal ball: the future of insurance in 2030

The carefully veiled secret to customer satisfaction: digitisation

Why is customer satisfaction more than just a marketing metric?

The travel insurance industry is taking off but it needs technology to fly

Stranded overseas during the holiday season? Here is how Spixii solutions can come to your rescue

How can Spixii solutions help customers with pre-existing medical conditions?

Interview with Patrick Fagan, Behavioural Scientist

3 questions to ask your insurance chatbot technology provider

Building a human company: what is it like to work at Spixii?

Why helping Zurich win a British Claims Award is more than a win

Interview with Steve White and Andy Thornley, BIBA

3 ways empathy is your most undervalued asset

Highlights from the BIBA 2018 Hackathon

The future of voice for insurance

Brokers, how to make change happen

3 books that shaped Spixii's approach to customer development

The 5 biggest misconceptions about AI and chatbots

The 3 pillars of a successful insurance chatbot

Spixii spotlight: Renaud Million, CEO and co-founder

Highlights from the Bupa Blue Table Demo Day

Spixii spotlight: John Moore, Bupa Customer Lab

3 ways to collaborate with startups for customer-focused innovation

The Spixii effect: designing products around customer problems

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Discover how to enhance insurance with automation of conversations and processes.

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Discover Conversational Process Automation

CPA allows end-to-end processing through chatbots and leverages advanced analytics to continuously improve both the underlying process and the conversation with the end-user.

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