Grow your business with customer-facing automation

Spixii translates complex insurance customer-facing processes into simple, effective and performant conversations.


What to expect from Spixii?


Top digital performance

Spixii ensures highest completion rate by automating business processes while providing the best customer experience


Insightful conversational analytics

Spixii uncovers actionable insights through custom reports and granular conversational analytics


Insurance process expertise

Spixii solutions are designed specifically for the insurance industry. Deep knowledge of its processes results in best ROI through automation

Trusted by top-tier insurance leaders


Why is Spixii unique?


Process-first approach

Spixii focuses on customer-facing interactions enhancement to drive tangible business impact. Through process performance audits, Spixii helps you to identify optimisation opportunities.

Value-driven solutions

Interacting with customers having queries on complex insurance products require integration with existing processes and systems. Spixii uniquely focuses on efficient and secure chatbots to create high-value conversational process automation.


Accelerating continuous improvement

Spixii CPA provides a no-code platform for the creation, review and iteration of chatbot conversations. Supported by advanced analytics with granular reporting, the process performance is constantly increasing.

How is CPA uniquely different from other digital solutions?


Call centres provide an overall good and personal user experience yet they saturate quickly causing customers to wait. No one likes waiting and complaints are inevitable and ultimately damage the reputation of the brand. The only way to overcome this problem would be to have one operator per customer, which is not viable business-wise.

Webforms and portals provide a good business performance by leveraging digitalisation to automate processes that were once performed manually. Yet webforms lack the personal conversation of call centres reducing them, essentially, to digital monologue. Customers today expect more than impersonal and clunky interactions.

Web live chat empowers human agents to manage multiple personal conversations at the same time. It empowers and scales call centres. Yet, each agent can manage a maximum number of 4 conversations causing long waiting times. Web live chat suffers from the same constraints as call centres, it only raises the threshold higher.

CPA allows the optimum customer experience by preserving the personal conversation yet delivering it digitally at scale. CPA enables an illimited number of personal and consistent conversations at a fraction of the cost of the analogue ones.

Connected to your processes and systems

From policy systems to rating engines, Spixii Platform is easy and quick to connect with your IT systems and applications.