A unique platform to solve high-value challenges

Spixii removes communication inefficiencies between customers and businesses offering high-value services.

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Challenging the status quo for the delivery of high-value services

Conversations in call centres are dominating

For the majority of the financial services processes, call centres are the default medium offering a Conversational experience.

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✓ Good customer experience

Based on a human-to-human conversation, call centres provide an overall good experience, particularly for difficult or very specific customer queries. Yet, they are vulnerable to surges, which often coincide with higher claims volumes.

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✘ High operating cost

The most expensive channel, implying hiring, training, office rental, software and hardware costs. While there are ways to reduce operating costs, including proper agent training and good policy systems, the overall bill will always be high.

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Expensive to audit

To avoid business risks by going off track, agents follow scripts when interacting with customers. Therefore, a significant amount of effort is spent on training, reporting and auditing conversations leaving little room for improvement.

Web forms are too transactional

Web forms cut down costs by offering online basic process automation with the initial intent of allowing customers to Self serve without any human input.

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Cheap to set up

Webforms potentially allow insurance organisations to save money by allowing customers to buy a policy or make a claim online. Yet customers often end up calling to complete an insurance purchase or claim, adding weight to call centres.

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✘ Poor customer experience

Web forms provide a dry, impersonal, and untailored customer experience, often unlinked to the business logic of insurance processes. In addition, they struggle to deliver a user-friendly customer experience across all devices.

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✘ Expensive to improve

For webforms, not only the approval process according to regulatory guidelines, but also the implementation of change itself requires a long time, often requiring passing through different environments (e.g. development, test, production).

What if there was a channel offering Self serve in a Conversational way?

Spixii offers Conversational Self serve

Focusing on high-value processes, Spixii offers a SaaS platform that unlocks digital & Self serve yet Conversational experiences.

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Superb customer experience

Spixii CPA platform employs expert chatbots to deliver personal, immediate and efficient conversational experiences. Customers can self serve without holding time and still enjoy the personal touch of a guided and tailored conversation.

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 Time saver

Reducing the interaction time for high-value processes from 10 to 20 times, the Spixii platform frees up precious time for both agents and customers. More power to the customer, more time to agents to tackle complex cases.

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Easy maintenance & compliance

Through the platform, organisations have total control over their conversational process and can promote changes within hours. From the conversational flow to the chatbot interface, businesses can update their service safely and quickly.

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Unlocking self serve for insurance customers

No hold times, 24/7 immediacy.

No cold transactional experiences, personal ones.

Spixii enables customers to self serve conversationally through 24/7 available intelligent chatbots.

Powerful conversational processes for organisations

Spixii enables organisations to design and manage conversational processes themselves through an intuitive low-code SaaS platform.

Organisations have total control over their chatbots, entirely configurable through the platform, from conversational flows and integration with other systems to the customisation of the interface.

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A platform built for continuous growth

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Advanced analytics

Interactions with individuals generate valuable conversational data (digital footprints of each journey) and process data (aggregated performance view) for continuous improvement while being compliant with easily auditable journeys.


Free templates

No need to start from scratch: usually conversational processes have a skeleton which rarely changes. By leveraging Spixii's ever-growing library, you can start from an existing conversational template and customise it in a few clicks.

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Total control

Spixii platform provides no black boxes. The control of the conversational processes and integrations is entirely in our clients' hands. Spixii Function Manager is allowing custom code input, opening the door to robust connection with systems.


Is your organisation leveraging automation for customer-facing processes? Are you ready to boost your customer-facing processes with Conversational Process Automation (CPA)? 
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How is CPA uniquely different from other channels?


Call centres provide an overall good and personal user experience yet they saturate quickly causing customers to wait. No one likes waiting and complaints are inevitable and ultimately damage the reputation of the brand. The only way to overcome this problem would be to have one operator per customer, which is not viable business-wise.

Webforms and portals provide a good business performance by leveraging digitalisation to automate processes that were once performed manually. Yet webforms lack the personal conversation of call centres reducing them, essentially, to digital monologue. Customers today expect more than impersonal and clunky interactions.

Web live chat empowers human agents to manage multiple personal conversations at the same time. It empowers and scales call centres. Yet, each agent can manage a maximum number of 4 conversations causing long waiting times. Web live chat suffers from the same constraints as call centres, it only raises the threshold higher.

CPA allows the optimum customer experience by preserving the personal conversation yet delivering it digitally at scale. CPA enables an illimited number of personal and consistent conversations at a fraction of the cost of the analogue ones.

What about other solutions?

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Tech giants' solutions

Still require an in-house expert to deploy the solutions, which insurance organisations usually don't have, ending up partnering with large consulting or IT companies rendering the project expensive and less agile with the risk of being irrelevant when live.

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Internal IT team

The average lead time for IT teams to tailor or customise further an existing solution on their own is between 6 and 12 months. The cost of maintaining a normally unflexible solution is significant leaving no time and resources for continuous improvement.

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Conversational AI providers

Relying mainly on Natural Language Processing (NLP), the conversations generated are free-flow and do not follow a business process. Disconnected from core systems, such conversations are not able to process customer queries that require actions outside the conversation itself.