Grow with the Spixii Conversational Process Platform

The Spixii Conversational Process Automation (CPA) Platform provides a secure and scalable framework to deliver superior customer experience while improving the resilience and performance of business operations.

Why Spixii CPA Platform

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Insurance specific

The Spixii platform is suited for P&C, Life and Pensions line of businesses from quote & buy, policy administration to claims

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Iteration friendly

The Spixii platform is designed to enhance chatbots performance by collecting empirical data from the users and adapting to their evolving needs

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Robust and Compliant

The Spixii platform was built in accordance with the GDPR ensuring data privacy, data sensitivity and compliance


A platform designed to deliver continuous improvement

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Easily create personal and engaging chatbot conversations in a few clicks through a flexible and intuitive low-code interface

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Assign logic to your chatbot and connect it with your system leveraging Spixii smart functions or creating your own directly from the platform

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Offer a unique experience by customising the look and feel of your chatbot and aligning it with your brand guidelines

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Get data-driven insights over your chatbot performance and acquire customer knowledge through behavioural analysis

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Create conversational experiences either by leveraging existing insurance templates or by creating new ones for your specific business needs. Keep track of every change and gain compliance approval through a dedicated and flexible versioning system.

Conversation Builder →


Make your chatbot smarter through Spixii global functions such as email or postcode validation or create new custom functions through Spixii Function Manager. Access Spixii Marketplace to leverage pre-built integration functions with core insurance systems and providers.

Function Manager →

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Make your chatbot shine by selecting one of the existing Spixii interface themes or create your own as per your brand requirements. From font and colours to avatar and chatbot speed, the interface is fully customisable and white labelled.

Intelligent Chatbots →


Know with precision how your customers interact with your chatbot, which conversational path they go through, at what point of the process they drop off and how long they stay in each and between messages. Track the performance of your conversational process with customisable dashboards.

Insights Hub →

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Continuous free platform updates

Spixii CPA Platform is constantly improving. All the latest features, software and security upgrades are automatically delivered to our clients over the cloud at no extra cost.

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Integration strategy with Spixii CPA

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Spixii Proof of Value

Is your organisation leveraging automation for customer-facing processes? Take the first step toward automation and evaluate if Spixii CPA Platform can boost your customer-facing processes by building a meaningful Proof of Value. Demonstrate potential business value with low effort.

Unique full-service Saas

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Spixii CPA platform is designed for insurance and financial services. It can be configured by our team or consulting partners from design and branding to monitoring and support.

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The Spixii platform is cloud-native and can be enabled by the cloud provider of your choice. Using container technology, on-premises deployment is possible.

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Stateless architecture

We base our system on the most reliable, scalable and secure architecture to create a stable and safe bridge between customers and your legacy system. All personal data are flowing straight to the protected central vault.

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Safe & Robust

Spixii intelligent chatbots are secure with bank-level encrypted communication channels for both front-end and back-end integrations. At the core of the architecture, the conversational data are processed by Oracle Database technology.

Spixii certifications

Spixii is ISO certified

ISO 27001 Information Security Management is the most recognised certification for Information Security Management with a key focus on security and data.

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Data protection

Spixii's processing of personal data complies with the GDPR and IDD requirements and is in line with the accountability principle.

High-security standards

Our mission is to provide you with a safe, secure service - always. An awareness of data privacy, distribution directives and technical knowledge allow us to operate in the regulated insurance industry.

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Start the conversation

Discuss your business needs with the Spixii team and discover how the Spixii CPA Platform can accommodate them.