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The Forrester Tech Tide: Digital Claims Management

Sixteen Technologies Underpin Claims Management.

Cool Vendors in Insurance

Gartner's Cool Vendors in insurance apply a broad range of emerging technologies to provide innovative products and services and support new business models.

Hype Cycle for Digital Life and P&C Insurance, 2021

The needs for efficiency, agility and resilience in the insurance enterprise are driving the adoption and prioritization of technology.

The Future of Chatbots in Insurance

The key elements for insurers to successfully streamline the customer experience, reap cost savings and shift processes from reactive to proactive.

Insurtech - The threat that inspires

Incumbents need to keep their eyes out for new entrants that use technology to create a strategic advantage.

2022 White Paper

Discover how to enhance insurance with automation of conversations and processes.

Spixii overview

Spixii is an award-winning InsurTech company collaborating with insurers and brokers since 2016 on automating quote & buy, renewal and claims with insurance chatbot technology and expert applications.

Zukunft von Insurtech in Deutschland

Weckruf der InsurTechs Die Digitalisierung hat die Versicherungswirtschaft voll ergriffen. Ohne Zweifel: Die Industrie ist aufgewacht.

Chatbots in Insurance: Overview and Prominent Providers

Insurers are increasingly interested in chatbots for call centers and self-service portals, as an opportunity for a low-cost, low-touch, modern channel.

Insurtech - The new insurance model

How insurtech is disrupting the traditional insurance market, and how it will be used across four segments: motor, home, life and health insurances; combined with a forecast summary for insurtech-based premiums issued by 2025.

The Chatbots in Insurance Playbook

Case studies on how three insurers are using chatbots to boost customer acquisition, slash claims processing times, and increase staff productivity.

Insurance Trendreport 2021

Ideas, tools, methods, technologies and solutions, that you can develop yourself, your team and futhermore your company to achieve your next step.

Quarterly InsurTech Briefing Q4 2019

The role and value of contemporary technology in the claims and settlement arena — where (re)insurers demonstrate their true calling.

The Rise of InsurTech

How young startups and a mature industry can bring out the best in one another.

Born To Chat

Tips And Tricks From Early Chatbot Entrepreneurs.

Case Study

How Zurich UK worked with a chatbot solutions provider to boost its digital user experience and improve customer satisfaction.

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