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Offer a unique experience by customising the look and feel of your conversational user interface by aligning it with your brand guidelines.

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Tailor your chatbot interface

Spixii Expert Chatbots come with a sleek, flexible user interface and are white-label.

Thanks to the Brand UI tuner, it's possible to fully customise the interface of the chatbot through the CPA Platform and mirror every business' brand guidelines.

Every chatbot is equipped with intelligent assets, including device optimisation and user input validations.


Total control

Customise your chatbot interface through custom colours, avatar, background and messaging speed


Smart rules

Spixii Expert Chatbots come with embedded smart validation rules to capture clean customer data


Easy implementation

Available in JavaScript bundles or iframes, Spixii Expert Chatbots are light and easy to integrate with


Take control of your chatbot interface

Thanks to the Spixii Brand UI tuner, creating a chatbot interface in line with your brand guidelines is just a matter of a few clicks. 

Without a single line of code, it's possible to edit the styling and the assets of the chatbot, including:

  • Logo
  • Avatar
  • Emoji and icons
  • Font
  • Colors & Background
  • Chatbot speed

Offer the optimal experience for every device

Whether desktop, tablet or mobile, Spixii Expert Chatbots are fully responsive. Most web chatbots are built for desktop users, but not optimised for mobile users.

Among the Spixii small device optimisation features:

  • Full-screen (e.g. phone)
  • Finger-friendly elements (e.g. optimised size of buttons)
  • Smart mobile keyboard trigger (according to requested input)
  • Smart content display logic (to avoid unnecessary scrolling)
  • Customisable input bar placeholders

Start your journey

Is your organisation leveraging automation for customer-facing processes? Take the first step toward automation and evaluate if Spixii CPA Platform can boost your customer-facing processes by building a meaningful Proof of Value. Demonstrate potential business value with low effort.


Enable secure Media Upload

Within insurance, the exchange of media is quite common. The most common use case is Claims FNOL, where policyholders are often asked to share some assets to help handlers to assess the claim.

Spixii Content Management System allow to securely manage the data exchange through a fully encrypted on transit and on rest.

Spixii Media Upload logic can be defined directly from the CPA Platform and available with multiple features:

  • Mobile-friendly experience with the chance to upload real-time photos or videos
  • Multi-media support (photos, videos, documents)
  • Custom restriction rules (max number of files, max size per file, allowed formats)
  • Unique hash-encoded access protocol
  • Secure and high-speed reading/writing RAID storage with asynchronous upload
  • REST API available

Leverage Spixii pre-built UI themes

Through the Brand UI tuner, it's possible to build a new conversational user interface from scratch and leverage one of the Spixii UI themes.

All Spixii themes can be cloned and further customised according to brand requirements.

All themes can be easily managed through a dedicated control panel.


Gather customer feedback

Spixii Expert Chatbots are equipped with feedback modules. Feedback request is fully customisable through the Conversation Builder, including number and type of questions.

From TNPS (Transactional Net Promoter Score, 11-grade system) to CSAT (Customer Satisfaction, 5-grade system) or any other systems, Spixii Expert Chatbots enable businesses to collect quantitative feedback in their most suitable way.

Also, verbatim feedback (qualitative) can be collected in every conversation to unwrap more explanatory customer commentary and reactions. All feedback is available in the Insights Hub for in-depth analysis and can inform businesses how to iterate the conversational experience to meet customer needs.

Scale with advanced features


Immersive experience

Through full-screen capability, the experience for mobile users is enhanced with the optimisation of available space. Mobile users experience is analogue to the most common messaging applications


Speed of messages

Spixii CPA Platform allows defining the overall speed of the chatbot conversation or even of single messages. The message time lag can be set to static (e.g. 1 sec) or dynamic (time calculation based upon each message length).


Informative placeholders

Especially during a high transactional process, it's key to capture accurate data. Through informative placeholders, it's possible to make input bar placeholders specific (e.g. "Enter your phone number") and nudge users to type in the right information.


Multi-factor authentication

Spixii Expert Chatbots can perform multi-factor authentication (e.g.verification via email) to align with insurance high-security and compliance standards.

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