Empowering people with self-service

For high-value queries related to financial services, some individuals are reluctant to call or send an email simply because the task is daunting. They might also don't know how to phrase their needs. Self-service solves this problem, translating business processes into intuitive conversations delivered by 24/7 expert chatbots from websites or mobile applications.

...is it [speak-see]?


Our vision

We believe in a world where people can contact businesses easily and get answers to their high-value queries immediately.

With instant answers, we set out to solve the burden and stress of waiting.

When customer conversations matter, and the pressure is on, we relieve the stress for you, your team and your customers. USing 24/7 self-service, we help businesses turning peaks in demand into a positive experience for everyone.

Why Spixii

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No brainer

Need to automate a high-value process while ensuring it ticks all the compliance policies? Checked. No black box but configuration files, logs and versions support your teams.

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Offer 24/7 expertise

Conversational self-service is like having an expert 24/7 for your clients to solve their pressing needs. Keep an eye on your automation ratio and the growth will be clear.

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Unique analytics

Specific reporting dashboards and conversational paths are unique analytics of your conversational self-service informing the improvement roadmap. 

Leadership Team

Renaud Million


Renaud Million has worked in the insurance industry since 2010 and co-founded Spixii in 2016. Prior to Spixii, Renaud was working as an actuarial consultant for EY in London advising large insurance companies. It gave him a unique understanding of insurance processes and the friction to solve for the end customer. Renaud holds a master in Operational Research & Management Sciences at Lancaster University and a master in engineering from Arts et Métiers ParisTech. Renaud was named Young actuarial professional of the year 2017 by Insurance ERM.


Alberto Pasqualotto


Alberto Pasqualotto brings a deep experience in machine learning, high-performance computing for large scalable applications, advanced information security and databases architecture, as well as a passion for compliance and data protection. Prior to co-founding Spixii in 2016, Alberto worked as a tech consultant for Italian and Swiss banks and founded other companies. Alberto is an Oracle database expert and holds a BSc and MSc with distinction in Computer Science from the University of Milano.

Our story

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We set out to solve a specific and vital problem: insurance is often misunderstood by customers and even call agents, which means millions aren’t getting the cover they need.

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We then realised, that by finding an innovative way to map even complex products and automate precise yet considerate guided conversations, we’d created a way to both help customers get the right answers, and get them right away

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2019 onwards

We kept our aims even higher – to solve the stress, frustration and sometimes harm of waiting times for customers (and contact centre workers) in any industry.

Our partners

PwC is one of the world’s largest professional services companies. Spixii and PwC have entered into a partnership to jointly explore and develop insurance business opportunities.

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. Capgemini has recognised the maturity of the Spixii’s organisation and its ability to collaborate with large corporate entities. 

Spixii is Advanced Technology Partner of AWS. The use of AWS allows Spixii to meet the client's high-quality requirements by providing secure cloud services platform.

They support us

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