Spixii Function Manager

Give powerful capabilities and expertise to your conversational self-service with configurable business logic and integration to core systems using APIs.

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Self-service is always on, repeatable and error-free

Spixii Function Manager has been designed to add expertise to your conversational process. By expertise, we mean the ability to perform tasks and decisions that are usually carried out by authorised expert individuals.

Through this module, it's possible to manage and configure integrations with core systems in a single space. From automation platforms (RPA and low-code) to core platforms (e.g. admin, decision engine, policy, billing and claims) or on-premises applications (claims and policy systems), Spixii Function Manager allows users to create the connection through custom functions leveraging APIs.

Spixii global functions such as email or postcode validation come embedded into the Spixii CPA Platform, while pre-built integration functions with core systems of our partners (e.g. Duck Creek, Appian, Blue Prism) are available from the Spixii Marketplace.


Total control

No black boxes: the control of the self-service logic and functions is entirely in your hands


Faster testing

Thanks to the embedded Function Simulator, functional testing time is significantly reduced

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Bank-level security standards

The Spixii Platform is built for financial services and ensures data privacy, data sensitivity and compliance


Validate data from the first point of entry

Through a no-code interface in the Conversation Builder, you can select Spixii Global Functions to perform user input validations for cleaner data capturing.

Once a global function is selected, you can easily change and align the parameters to your unique validation rules.

Examples of user input validations include:

  • Email
  • Date
  • Numbers (e.g. phone number)
  • Postcode
  • Custom regular expression (regex)

Still want more? No worries with Custom Functions

Through the Function Editor, the Spixii platform enables businesses to easily configure any type of connection to enterprise applications and systems.

The Spixii Custom Function module is built to acknowledge today's variety of integration strategies through a plethora of different IT systems and technologies.

The module allows connecting the chatbot with core systems (e.g. insurance platforms, policy systems) or intermediary automation layers (e.g. RPA, low-code) to ensure end-to-end automation.

Among the module features:

  • Custom code editing
  • Function simulator
  • Developer logs
  • Versioning system

Start your journey

Is your organisation leveraging automation for high-value queries?

Take the first step to boost your customer service operations by augmenting the execution of a high-value process with 24/7 conversational self-service.

Demonstrate potential business value with low effort.


Move faster by leveraging Spixii pre-built integrations

Spixii CPA Platform is designed to augment the existing processes of financial services and, therefore, be complementary to existing core platforms.

Spixii continuously grows its ecosystem by partnering with the leading core systems providers to offer organisations off-the-shelf embedded solutions.

Through the Function Manager, pre-built functions can be dragged and dropped into the conversation flow as they are or edited as necessary.

Growth securely with advanced features


Function simulator

Embedded into the Custom Function Editor, the simulator allows quickly testing functions with the help of developers logs.


Version control

To ensure maximum security and flexibility, every function has a dedicated version control mechanism.


End-to-end processing

Leveraging Spixii pre-built integrations or creating Custom Functions, the Spixii Function Manager unlocks end-to-end automation.


Secure transactions

Bank-level security ensured through encrypted HTTPS that leverages TLS protocol with only class A+ AES 256 Ciphers and through compliance with OWASP security standards.

Our solution partners

From core systems to RPA, Spixii partners with the leading technology providers to offer end-to-end digital solutions.

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Spixii partnered with Appian to offer insurers an embedded solution that enables straight-through-processing (STP) and no-touch claims automation for P&C, Health and Life insurance.

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Socotra provides open APIs, a product-agnostic data model, and out-of-the-box capabilities to manage the entire policy lifecycle, making insurance innovation faster, easier, and more affordable.

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Blue Prism develops leading Robotic Process Automation software to provide businesses with a more agile virtual workforce. Spixii complements it through the automation of conversations.

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