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Leading insurers, brokers, reinsurers and agents are working with Spixii to better understand their customers and enhance their digital customer experience.

Case studies

How Zurich launched Zara, their first claims chatbot, in just 5 weeks

Between February and March 2018, Zurich launched a six-week trial period for a sophisticated chatbot programme.

How a global insurance company deployed in 2 weeks a chatbot providing info about Coronavirus

Managing the growing number of customers calls related to Coronavirus and their own personal coverage...

How Bupa trialled the UK's first ever health insurance chatbot to transform digital healthcare.

Bupa selected Spixii for its Bupa Blue Table innovation programme, during which Spixii delivered a fully integrated proof-of-concept, quote-and-buy...

How Zurich International launched Zuri, their customer service chatbot

Zurich International set out on a new mission: improve their online customer experience and assess the appetite of their customers using an insurance...

How Studio Franchini & Associati designed and launched chatbot Miranda

The story of an Italian insurance agent on a mission to discover the value of chatbots for his business and customers.

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