How Italian insurance agent, Studio Franchini & Associati designed and launched chatbot Miranda

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From December 2017, Italian insurance agent Studio Franchini & Associati set out on a 6-week project. Owner, Simone Franchini was on a mission to discover the value of chatbots for his business and customers.


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As Studio Franchini & Associati grew, so did the demand for post-sales support. Many of these tasks were time-consuming but could be automated. Because of this, the agency was struggling to further scale.

Owner, Simone Franchini, explains how "insurance in Italy is perceived as unclear and confusing: a lot of paperwork. It is traditional, slow and absolutely underrated. Last summer, I started reading about insurtech startups and innovations to create something new for our business. From there, I found out about Spixii and immediately got in touch."



The cost of always being available: a sketch by UX designer Matteo


To free up Simone Franchini's time to better handle customer enquiries and dedicate more resources to acquiring new customers, we set out to automate some of the workload. First, the project kicked off with a discovery phase focused on customer research and analysis.

This involved talking to existing customers to better understand their relationship with the insurance agent, including why they chose the agency and what they ask over the phone. These qualitative findings were supported by an online survey designed to analyse behavioural trends, plus a contextual enquiry: visiting Studio Franchini's headquarters and talking to employees to see what a day in the life looked like. This also aimed to uncover any existing friction points in the customer journey.

To explore these findings in depth, we hosted a full day workshop in Padua, Italy. After this, we had a second full-day workshop in London focused on Franchini's branding and marketing strategy. This helped provide a clear understanding of his brand, value proposition and customers, plus see the potential of chatbot technology for his business.

This provided the groundwork for prototyping. Together, we crafted a conversation script based on research and common requests. We launched a private beta bot with existing customers, iterating based on qualitative feedback.

Miranda officially launched as a customer-facing prototype for the Italian market: the first agency-to-bot collaboration between Spixii and Studio Franchini & Associati, plus the first of its kind in Italy.



Matteo Schgör, UX designer, sketching an affinity map


The collaboration provided Studio Franchini & Associati with:

  • Actionable business insights, on existing customers and the agency as a whole.
  • A clear minimum viable product (MVP) plan, including requests, traffic analysis, market reaction and an estimate of the impact on the agency's bottom line.
  • Clearer brand identity and marketing understanding.
  • The launch of Miranda, the satellite bot within a new branded website.
  • A feature in InsurZine.

"I expected to achieve a reduction of workload with this technology - less calls, less stress - but funnily enough, in the beta launch Miranda brought the opposite but in the right way. Many enthusiastic customers called to give feedback and understand more about the chatbot. This validated the huge potential of Miranda. We are now spending more time and resources into investigating all the outcomes of this technology, the benefits and the future roadmap. This technology may transform the entire Italian agency network"

Simone Franchini, Owner of Studio Franchini