Better connect with your customers

Scale your business and get more people better protected with SPIXII automated insurance services

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Is it simple for your customers to interact with your business?

Webform and long phone calls for every query are not performing and limit the growth of insurance businesses. The majority of customers are confused about insurance.

SPIXII help grow insurance businesses with automation and insurance specific chatbots. People love chatting. We are not just talking about young professionals or millennials. We are talking about everyone.

The SPIXII framework


We believe that the best services are supported by the best user experiences. Starting with customers pains and needs, we design and perform efficient implementation that we later iterate thanks to actionable behavioural insights.



Track record of system integrations

The SPIXII framework allows efficient integration with legacy systems for end-to-end automated services


Consistent and compliant services

Compliance team can easily audit chatbots built with the SPIXII framework to support GDPR and IDD requirements


Continuously improve processes

Improve conversion rate for underwriting products and reduce the length of claims processes, the SPIXII framework accelerates your strategic roadmap

Create your next success story



The work that we have been doing with SPIXII has given us some real insight into what innovative technologies can bring to insurance. The chance to make the process of buying and utilising insurance products easier could make their experience far better

John Moore, Bupa Customer Lab



SPIXII learns from its customer interactions and is able to offer personalised insurance products in real-time. SPIXII’s interactions are friendly and conversational, making for a customer experience that is convenient and even pleasant

John Cusano, Accenture



The SPIXII team made my life easier. The auditable, structured chatbot technology met our compliance and legal requirements during the trial, and has been straightforward to integrate

James Oughton, Bupa Customer Lab


Spixii's iterative approach helped us hit the ground running and allowed a solid foundation to scale-up. They shone through a different way of thinking

Tim Richards, Zurich