Designing chatbot technology to help more people get better protected

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The new way to engage your customers

Insurance exists to protect people, so why is it so complicated?

A lack of transparency is resulting in frustrating customer service, low conversion rates and high customer acquisition costs. 

Connect with your customers in a way that feels as personal and accessible as text messaging. Proven to improve conversion rates and enhance customer loyalty, chatbot technology signals a new era of personalised insurance.

Digital transformation is a challenge, but an exciting one. We are here to help.

Where analytics and technology meet design

This unique combination of secure technology, state-of-the-art analytics and focus on your end-user means a bold and brilliant experience for your customers.

Why Spixii?

Integrate with your rating engines

Give your customers an accurate quote or estimate instantly. 

Meet your legal and regulatory needs

Create auditable digital experiences that are compliant with the GDPR and IDD.

Reduce your operational costs

Take pressure off your customer service teams and give them more time to handle complex queries.

Create your next success story



The work that we have been doing with Spixii has given us some real insight into what innovative technologies can bring to insurance. The chance to make the process of buying and utilising insurance products easier could make their experience far better

John Moore, Bupa Customer Lab



Spixii learns from its customer interactions and is able to offer personalised insurance products in real-time. Spixii’s interactions are friendly and conversational, making for a customer experience that is convenient and even pleasant

John Cusano, Accenture



The Spixii team made my life easier. The auditable, structured chatbot technology met our compliance and legal requirements during the trial, and has been straightforward to integrate

James Oughton, Bupa Customer Lab


Spixii's iterative approach helped us hit the ground running and allowed a solid foundation to scale-up. They shone through a different way of thinking

Tim Richards, Zurich