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Change in customer behaviours: challenges and opportunities for insurances companies

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After roughly two months, people are settling into a COVID-19 flavoured world. We know the virus is staying here for a while. But, life must go on as well.

Insurance businesses, too, are moving on as best as well. Many weaknesses and opportunities are being unveiled in the process. The need for good communication both internally with business operations, and externally with customers, brokers and 3rd parties is being acutely felt.

The need for resilience along with the ability to respond to evolving customer needs is making itself known as a short-term and long-term goal. Finally, the ability to swiftly change policies and business operations when the need arises is also apparent now.


The challenges and hidden opportunities 


Distribution challenges

There has been a definite reduction in sales volume. People buy less and ask more. 

As a matter of fact, brokers and insurers are currently spending more time educating their clients, understanding their needs, and assessing whether their needs and priorities have changed in the light of the pandemic. Greater focus is now on coverage, exclusions, and risk management.

Individuals and business being contained by cash are even more price-sensitive will go the extra mile shopping around to get the lowest premium that provides the best value.

Internal operations challenges

Working remotely is also turning out to be a challenge due to old legacy systems still being used today. 

Thus, the need and opportunity present in it are to upgrade legacy technology. This will ensure the resilience of its distribution structures for future events. If the legacy systems are continued, they can be improved using RPA and chatbots. If they are replaced, then learnings can already start with chatbots and RPA. The chatbots and along with them, the learnings can be transferred and connected to the new platforms.

Customer management challenges

Lots of companies have had to lay-off staff or reduce their hours. Both these situations have directly impacted high-level servicing standards. 

Unfortunately, the number of customer queries has increased due to the nature of the situation. Most of these relate to asking for performing certain transactions online. These include notifying a claim, changing of address, the inclusion of an add-on, and the renewal of the policies.

The queries can easily be resolved by a chatbot that can handle multiple queries and guide customers through their various processes. 

Claims challenges

Surges have been observed especially in travel and business interruption claims. Also since the staff needed to be moved from offices to homes, they are struggling to work remotely.

As a way to combat this challenge, automation can be used. Life becomes easier for both customers and claim handlers. This also empowers customers to do most of the tasks themselves like straight-through claim processing that allows them to achieve an immediate resolution to their problems without struggling to reach an overloaded claim-handler staff. 



All in all, automation helps you to build a more resilient business. Additionally, if you partner with the right provider, automation and new ways of working can be delivered in days and weeks.

Several organisations already started to review their operational processes and consider whether the need to automate remains a far-off vision or if it should become an area of increased focus and attract higher priority.

If you want to jump-start your automation journey, read how a top-tier company was able to adapt to such challenges in only 2 weeks. Yes, that’s how fast the up-levelling happens.

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