How a global Insurance company deployed in two weeks a customer-facing chatbot addressing the need for their customers to access immediate and relevant information about the coronavirus.

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With the growing number of enquiries related to the coronavirus and under crisis management, the insurance company wanted to deliver a digital guide giving the customers immediate and relevant information in order to address their queries directly online.

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The global insurance company was experiencing a growing number of calls of customers with questions related to the general information on the coronavirus and more specifically on the cover of their insurance policy regarding the coronavirus. The growing numbers of calls led to waiting time which didn't help to calm customers and impacting overall customer satisfaction levels.

With the tight schedule of two weeks until the live date and tailored requirements, the insurer mandated Spixii to solve together this complex challenge.


The solution to the issue is a customer-facing chatbot guiding the user through clusters of relevant information related to the coronavirus and the policy of the customers.

The chatbot is white-labelled to the insurer style guide including font, colour and avatar. As most of the people start their journey using their mobile, specific attention to details was given by creating an automatic full-screen trigger. It means that the people using the chatbot from mobile are immersed in "WhatsApp" like experience.

It creates a great opportunity for the insurer to increase the time spent digitally with the customers. Customers tend to spend less time browsing from page to page rather than talking to a chatbot.

Also, complex topics are better explained through a conversation. Which is why conversations with agents over the phone tend to perform well. However, call centres are quickly saturated deteriorating the performance of this channel. The chatbot is able to deliver a conversation but in a scalable way addressing the need for immediate response and also delivering relevant information. It means that agents are left with higher value calls for complex queries to solve. It results in improving the performance of operations.

The chatbot can be accessed across multiple devices and is live 24/7/365, creating a perfect digital tool to absorb the surge in enquiries.

Working hand in hand, the global insurance company and Spixii deployed dedicated teams who sprinted through the rigorous Spixii delivery framework. With successful teamwork and can-do attitude, the chatbot could reach high quality and be live by the deadline imposed.


The situation is continuously changing, which makes difficult to measure impact. What is sure is that:

  • As of today, thousands of conversations have successfully used the new service across multiple devices and it seems to only increase.
  • Spixii delivered against all of the business requirements and the chatbot went live in 2 weeks.
  • From a partnership perspective, it was a tremendous success to deliver a high-quality digital experience under risk, pressure and very tight schedule. It demonstrated the value that a large global company and its millions of customers can get by deploying in an agile way a cost-effective solution.
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