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Automate and personalise your product discovery, customer care and claims with insurance chatbot technology.

Designed to achieve your dream, Spixii's solutions help make insurance simple, accessible and more personal than ever before.

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Want a digital solution in your customers' hands in less than 12 weeks? To accelerate your innovation, these can be used as standalone packages or in combination:


Innovation is a game of strategy

The discovery package is designed to lift the lid off chatbot technology, provide you with direction in the near-term and a well-defined path with clear parameters for success. We will scope the size of your opportunity, gather requirements, understand constraints and provide training on Spixii's market-proven approach to make change happen.

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Bring your concept to life with the creation of a MVP

After building a shared vision and constructing a clear roadmap, prototyping provides you with a tangible chatbot model. We work closely with you to ensure the conversation showcases your brand, then conduct rigorous user testing and iteration prior to your launch using our market-proven approach.

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Go to market

Bring your chatbot from Lab to Live

Going to market focuses on fully integrating the technology with your systems. It includes iteration, customisation and support in scaling across countries, distribution channels and product lines.

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Receive ongoing support from a team dedicated to your success

Chatbot conversations are one step towards making insurance accessible. As a partner, we are here to provide ongoing maintenance, technical support and continuous optimisation based on advanced behavioural analytics.

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+ 30%

Improvement on
conversion rate

+ 50%

NPS improvement
according to use case

+ 90%

Quicker product
change cycle

Technology to meet your security standards

Scalable technology

As an Amazon Web Service Advanced Technology Partner, our scalable and secure cloud-based solution will grow with you.

High-security standards

Our mission is to provide you with a safe, secure service - always. An awareness of data privacy, distribution directives and technical knowledge allow us to operate in the regulated insurance industry.