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The benefits of end-to-end automation for insurance


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Currently, process automation is revolutionizing the digital world. It is bringing significant savings to all business operations. With all the possibilities it brings then, why should insurance businesses stay bereft of them? Most of the customer-facing activities in the insurance world are processes at the granular level.

So, let’s look at the top 3 ways that end-to-end automation would benefit these insurance processes.


How end-to-end automation makes insurance businesses shine


It offers a superior and consistent customer experience

From Quote & Buy to Claims, it decreases the processing time for all customer-facing processes by unifying and automating multiple steps of the process.

An example of this is: simple claims can be automated from notification of loss till adjudication or even pay off. This process usually takes days or weeks. With automation, they can take only minutes.

In addition, customer support is available through a 24/7/365 chatbot service.


Reduces operating costs

End-to-end automation increases data consistency by removing the human error due to manual input (e.g. enter customer details into the system). It frees back offices from recurring and simple tasks. Precious human resources can be engaged in more creative and complex tasks.


Improves business resilience

Automating a whole process end-to-end also allows one to get a better overview. Both weaknesses and improvements can be highlighted. This can be done by building a solid feedback system focusing on empirical data aimed to optimise the workflow.


It can begin here

In collaboration with Blue Prism, Spixii is committed to automating end-to-end processes for businesses who are ready to level up. We offer services related to:

You can click on the relevant link above and start your journey of transforming on the inside to create success on the outside.

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Discover Conversational Process Automation

CPA allows end-to-end processing through chatbots and leverages advanced analytics to continuously improve both the underlying process and the conversation with the end-user.

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