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The values that steer Spixii’s ship

3 min read

In the days of yore, sailors used to steer their ships by the light of the North Star. In the same way, companies these days anchor and direct themselves by the light of their values.

Elvis Presley a.k.a The King of Rock and Roll left us with this quote:

‘Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.’

Thus, whether defined or undefined, each individual’s and each company’s values will eventually bleed through their work and interactions.

The Spixii mission is to help more people get better protected. We want each step that we take to be saturated in the spirit of this mission. So, what better way to do that than to have guiding values and let them lead the way?


The Spixii values


We are active listeners and always have something to learn from others.

We truly believe that listening is the first and most essential step when it comes to problem-solving. After all, if you can’t listen, do you even know what needs solving and what doesn’t?

This is why before the start of any project, we hold workshops with the appropriate teams to understand the problems they are looking to solve. Only then do we bring our creative and visionary minds into play.


We focus on today’s life problems to anticipate the services of tomorrow.

We don’t want to create ‘just products’. We create products that stand the test of time and at their heart, are relevant even after a few years.

Thus, we constantly have our ears perked to listen to customers’ current pain points. This helps us to proactively innovate and help clients solve their most pressing challenges.


We create robust, scalable and compliant technology with ethics that is built to last.

The Spixii solutions can be iterated quickly and easily- faster than a normal web form or application, in fact. They are scalable because they can theoretically engage with an infinite number of customers simultaneously. Plus, they are compliant with all the regulations applicable in the EMEA including the General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR) and Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).


We learn from failure and are not afraid to navigate uncertainties.

Our focus, whenever we build a product or provide a service, is to be flawless. On the off-chance that there is a slip-up or error, we strive to correct it at the earliest after thoroughly examining what caused the problem. This helps us to ensure that the situation is not repeated.


Reliability in product and reliability in customer service is crucial for us.

We design our products with efficiency and thoroughness of the highest degree. Using the latest robust technologies, we ensure that there is zero or in the worst case, minimal downtime for all our products.


In today’s world, the danger of building a product just for the sake of it is even more present.

We build Spixii products because we believe that technology in the insurance solution is a transformative force. That it can bring real value to the table and smoothen the insurance journey for both the insured and the insurer. The benefits of the solutions are not hypothetical but empirical as we measure all the key performance indicators from real data.

Each day we strive to uphold these values- the better to serve our clients and leave a positive impact on the world. The potency of our mission and its values has been felt with those who have worked with us which has led to testimonials like this:

"Without the support, enthusiasm, and dynamism of the talented team at Spixii, our first-to market Claims reporting chatbot would not have been possible. At the core, this is a proposition which proves innovation doesn't have to take months or years - a mere 6 weeks, with the right approach, attitude, and commitment."

-Alexander Last, Continuous Improvement Consultant of Zurich UK

With the advent of a new year, we only hope to become more rooted in the potency of these values as we carry out our mission to help more people get better protected. You can read the company page to find out more information on Spixii and our vision.

The SPIXII Marketing Team
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