How to use CAPTCHA in a conversational interface?

In today's digital world, robust authentication mechanisms are an absolute necessity. With the increase in cybercrime, it is essential to protect personal and sensitive information. As stated in the last OWASP 2023 Top 10 Vulnerabilities report, authentication mechanisms are the first line of defence against unauthorized access to online accounts. Furthermore, the new ISO 27001:2022 certification standard dedicates specific controls and clauses to ensure secure authentication procedures.

A robust authentication mechanism is the key to unlocking a great number of self-services. For example, making financial operations, changing insurance policy details or consulting medical test results are operations that individuals can perform online if they pass a strong authentication screening.

However, there are situations where robust authentication mechanisms are not possible. This is the case of quote&buy journeys, where customers are not registered and identified apriori, but also when agents and advisers are about to request some actions on behalf of their clients.

In such cases, the list of self-serve services experiments a physiological reduction because some critical actions won’t be accessible to an unidentified user. Reducing the risk of robots and Denial of Services attacks is also important by using additional security measures like CAPTCHA codes and other techniques.

CAPTCHAs, in particular, are a popular security measure used to prevent automated attacks by requiring users to prove they are human and they nicely fit conversational interfaces. A handy-style text over a noisy background is generated and displayed to the user as an image. Automated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) detectors won’t be able to easily guess the keyword by reading the image.

The main three requirements for a good CAPTCHA code generator are:

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Stranded overseas during the holiday season? Here is how Spixii solutions can come to your rescue

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One possible commonality that every traveller shares without realising? Travel insurance. And this means that whether you live on the road or take only 1 trip each year, travel insurance concerns you, too.


Getting insured when travelling means that you are financially covered should any unfortunate circumstance befall you on your travels. It keeps your life from turning into complete chaos if you meet with an accident in your rented car abroad, or even if your flight is delayed or cancelled.


In this article, we explore how Spixii solutions are revolutionising the realm of travel insurance by bettering the quality and speed of the services offered.


Benefits of travel insurance


This is the story of Mary Holland, who contracted dengue while on a trip to Vietnam. The experience is paraphrased and can be found at CNTraveler.


While everyone in Saigon was off celebrating Halloween, Mary lay in bed with an escalating fever and an itch that made her “want to tear the skin” from her body. She was too faint to stand.


A trip to the hospital proved useless; she was injected with a yellow liquid that provided temporary relief from the itch and whose effect subsided as soon as she reached home. Scratching, showering, and skin salve were of no help either and just worsened the itch.


The trip to the hospital the next day was repetitive. The same yellow liquid, the same frustration, and desperation.


Finally, Mary called her Dad, who at once rang her travel insurance company, Marsh, in South Africa. It turns out her plan fully covered her. The insurance representative, however, went the extra mile and questioned Mary about her condition. She asked questions that the hospital staff hadn’t bothered to ask. When Mary went to the hospital the next day, she was treated by a new doctor, thanks to her representative.


The doctor immediately tested her for dengue fever, which had a mortality rate of up to 50%. The results came back positive; her condition continued to worsen.


Her insurance representative, who had been following and assisting Mary with her case, arranged for her to fly out of the country. Her platelet count had also declined, leading the dengue in her body to take a fatal turn. In her own words:


“Marsh reimbursed me for the hospital visits I had initially paid for in cash, and I never saw the final hospital bill. Irrelevant of how much my treatment cost, monitoring dengue fever, in the beginning, is absolutely critical and, had the insurance rep not taken control of the situation, I don’t know which way this story would have gone.

Getting dengue fever a second time would be even more dangerous, and should I contract it again, travel insurance could save my life.”


Unknowingly struggling with a life-threatening disease, and stranded in a foreign land among strangers, Mary found a saviour in the form of her travel insurance company.


Where Spixii solutions come in


Mary Holland was rescued from the clutches of a deadly disease, thanks to her insurance representative. But, if you are about to travel, do you have the same guarantees? More importantly, can you access them as and when you need?


Even if you are ready and packed to leave the next morning, insurance companies or intermediaries using Spixii solutions can help you feel both secure and adventurous at while you travel in a very convenient way. Here are a few benefits listed out in detail:


Easy claims


Dealing with claims is the moment of truth. Traditional processes rely heavily on the phone for the notification of claims. This means that international roaming can cause your phone bill to double, even triple, without factoring in the extremely long hold times associated with calling insurance companies. Calling insurance companies during working hours, thus, becomes a nightmare. Out-of-office hours are also a real problem when contact needs to be established with your insurance provider back home, but the claims handlers have left for the day while the sun is still rising in your part of the world.


Spixii Solutions use the technology of conversational robot (aka chatbots) allowing you to file any claim online 24*7, 365 days a year and all you need is a wi-fi connection and a smartphone. The experience provided is relieving and time-saving.


Convenient buying


For someone who works in a multinational corporation (for example), making trips to the insurance company’s office to compare claims, finally make one, fill out the relevant paperwork, might not be possible. The same might hold true for an old-couple who cannot afford complicated trips to the insurance office. In-person trips become cumbersome and inconvenient. On the digital side, web-forms are clunky and old fashioned, have high lead times to complete and often do not provide enough knowledge to make an informed decision to buy insurance.


This is where Spixii solutions play another key role. Through guided conversation, you can quickly go through insurance plans, choose the best one, and buy it at any hour that suits you. Even if it is late at night after gruelling back-to-back meetings, or after putting the kids to sleep, you can buy as per your convenience.


If you are already travelling and need to buy insurance for the remainder of your trip, you can do that, too. Never mind that you are stuck in the airport due to a delayed flight. Insurance providers serving their customers with Spixii solutions prioritise convenience and experience for their customers.


Personalised quotes


Spixii solutions for travel insurance are set up to provide personalised quotes right away. Without it, more often than not, you are welcomed with a form where you have to fill in your tentative (or actual) travelling dates and destinations along with the number of travellers. The result is an endless list of the possible insurance plans you can buy which cannot be completed online and result in the need to call to complete the purchase.


With Spixii solutions, insurance companies can configure the sale experience to filter out the ones which don’t fit you based on your budget, destinations and other factors related to your trip. You can change these factors as required and see the impact on the quote immediately. 


In the end, you would have made a thorough, well-informed decision, after considering all relevant details and scenarios.




In 2017, only 25% of Brits travelled without insurance. For those who took it, as much as £1 million a day was paid out by travel insurance companies. The maximum number of claims were made for emergency medical treatment.


For insurance companies, Spixii solutions will help to improve the quality of the offered services and lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention rates. Travelling consumes considerable time and savings. Having a smooth and accessible purchasing journey for travel insurance is what customers are expecting and also deserve. Regarding claims, Spixii solutions are especially relevant and effective for claims simpler than emergency medical treatment. For example, flight delay compensation can be automated end-to-end. Any claim can be notified online, and their severity will indicate how the settlement process will proceed.


To those who travel: have a happy and safe journey. No matter the part of the world you go to, security and adventure go with you. Being well covered is key to enjoy holidays with peace of mind. Get a taste of what's like using the infobot here.

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