The power of Reactive AI

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The carefully veiled secret to customer satisfaction: digitisation

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Customer satisfaction can feel like an elusive piece in the whole mystery of running a successful business. If you are an insurance provider, then customer satisfaction becomes even more important since your entire business centres around insuring and protecting people’s lives. According to research carried out by ICS, 60.4% of customers are not willing to compromise on service just for a cheap deal. 27.2% are even ready to pay a higher premium if it means the customer service would be better.

If the above numbers came as a surprise to you and you’d like to amp up the quality of your customer services department, then might we suggest the game-changing technology of the future a.k.a Spixii’s solutions.

Read on to know 4 ways in which these solutions will increase customer satisfaction and help to build a customer force that takes your insurance business to new heights:


Constantly iterate and improve


If your product or service is made to solve customer problems and it doesn’t do that, then candidly- it is of no use. Even established products and services go through phases of reinvention and improvement. The integrated Spixii solution- fitted to your business- will, too, and when that happens, we will be here to make those crucial changes.

By analysing customer response and usage, you can pinpoint areas where a product feature needs to improve or the communication process needs to be streamlined. On the backend, we’ll take care of these modifications so that on the front end, your customers are regularly being served high-quality doses of service that is based on their direct feedback and pain points.


Make customer service metrics manageable


Normal procedures like that of the quote and buy, and resolution of claims can be built into your systems to enable customers to benefit from them at any time of the day wherever they are. No need for multiple, lengthy phone calls or visits to the insurance office. This is time-saving for both the customer service representatives and the insured people.

Data gathered from previous records and Spixii solutions will help to see and tackle these pain points.


Increasing customer loyalty through personalisation of marketing messages


There is no better feeling for a customer than to feel that the company they are dealing with is in tune with their needs. Sometimes, this means that even without them having to articulate it, the company understands where they are and how their problems can be solved. Spixii’s solutions can help with this.

Because most of the interactions will happen online before being addressed offline, huge amounts of valuable data will be available at your fingertips to analyse. You can use this data to determine which messages and aspects customers react positively to. You can pay attention to their language to know what problems ail them and what words they use to describe them. Using the same words, you can outline the problem you solve and offer them solutions.

This level of personalisation and attention will make the customers feel like you understand them since you are talking in their language. Loyalty and warmth follow.


Reduce limitations of customer-facing executives


Spixii’s solutions make multiple conversations possible across multiple languages. This is a fundamental shift as phone conversations are limited to 1:1 whereas SPIXII uses chatbots as a part of it's solutions to allow infinite conversations simultaneously.

This reduces the amount of workforce needed to be available at once, especially during out of office hours. During dire situations like the Beast of the East in March ‘18, phone lines to insurance companies might be increased exponentially due to a great number of incoming calls. Most of these might be emergency calls that require immediate attention. The traditional workforce wouldn’t be able to handle this influx coming during these surges.

With Spixii’s solutions, most of the needs can be addressed immediately or in non-urgent case scenarios, as soon as possible.


Here’s the answer to one final question that you might have with regards to customer satisfaction:

Why is it so important? Why invest so much time, energy, and money?

The answer to this question can be found in this article written last week. But just to summarize, customer satisfaction leads to:

  • Increased NPS
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Increased ROI
  • Increase performance with modern technology


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