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The carefully veiled secret to customer satisfaction: automated insurance solutions

4 min read

Why is customer satisfaction more than just a marketing metric?

5 min read

Earn the gold star for travel insurance this summer with automated insurance solutions

The secret of truly secure travel insurance in 2019: automated insurance solutions

4 min read

The travel insurance industry is taking off and it needs automated insurance solutions to truly fly


6 minutes  read

Stranded overseas during the holiday season? Here is how automated insurance solutions can come to your rescue

5 minutes, 57 seconds read

How can automated insurance solutions help customers with pre-existing medical conditions?

4 min read

Insurance stories: what happened to an Italian and his Vespa (Part Two)

2 min read

Insurance stories: what happened to an Italian and his Vespa (Part One)

2 min read

Interview with Patrick Fagan, Behavioural Scientist

3 min read

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The black and white of microinsurance

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What is Microinsurance and why is it important?

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