Delivering the vision of insurance leaders

Automate and personalise insurance products discovery, customer service and claims with the SPIXII framework.

Designed to deliver the vision of insurance leaders, SPIXII helps more people getting better protected.

SPIXII distribution solutions

Moving from a static web form to a dynamic automated service

SPIXII enables personalised quotes for customers with relevant information at each stage of the process. SPIXII insights will help insurers highlighting critical areas of the process to improve and iterate in short timings.

How it works

SPIXII customer service solutions

Delivering instant customer care by automating recurring tasks

SPIXII insurance chatbots are built for a continuous 24/7/365 critical service availability while handling requests quickly and efficiently. When routine tasks are fully automated, costs are reduced by 50 to 75%.

How it works

SPIXII claims solutions

Match immediate customer expectations while solving the problem of the surging calls

From the First Notification of Loss (FNOL) to Straight Through Processing (STP), SPIXII enhances both customers and claim handlers experience. SPIXII insurance chatbots add a personal touch to the conversation with customers and increase the efficiency of back offices. Scale insurance services at a fraction of the cost.

How it works

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Customers say


Easier to deal with on the web than the phone and just as friendly and efficient.


I'm deaf and struggle on the phone also I have severe anxiety so phone conversations are hard so using this service changed my life


Quick and easy way to start the claims process. Better than holding on the phone for ages!


I love the Chat bot, so quick and easy to use - great tool for customers.

Technology to meet your security standards


SPIXII solutions are validated by specialists from the security, insurance expertise to the compliance aspect including the treatment and protection of personal data.

Efficient implementation

SPIXII implementations start light and offer multiple options of implementations for both front-end and back-end integrations.

Stateless architecture

SPIXII solutions architectures use reliable, scalable and secure components to create a stable and safe bridge between customers and insurance legacy system. All personal data are flowing straight to the protected central vault.


SPIXII solutions security is ensured via monitoring, automated alerting systems and frequent penetration tests.

Data protection

SPIXII solutions process personal data according to the GDPR and IDD requirements.

High-security standards

We provide our clients with safe and secure services. We train our staff on data privacy, insurance regulation and technical knowledge enabling to operate and be recognised in the regulated insurance industry.