Delivering peace of mind to insurance companies and their customers

Start the journey of superior customer experience with resilient and scalable conversational processes applied to your insurance department.


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Accelerate digitalisation & automation

Improve your processes with structured data and business insights. With robust data and governance, Spixii Platform is agile and can be deployed in days

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Increase operational performance

Increase conversion rate and policy value sales thanks to Spixii Quote & Buy while saving time and expenses with Spixii Claims, Customer Service and Policy Administration

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Enhance customer retention

Delight your customers with simple and meaningful conversations with your brand, they will become more loyal to your services

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Spixii Quote & Buy

Unleashing the power of personal and compliant automated conversations

Spixii advanced analytics will help you identifying the critical areas of the sales process to improve and iterate in short timings to maximise conversion and efficiency.

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Spixii Policy Administration

Delivering superior customer satisfaction level for existing policyholders

Embedded with the policy platform and CRM via the Spixii connectivity hub, the Spixii Policy Administration solution executes the changes on the policies requested of your customers automatically.

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Spixii Claims

Excelling at the "moment of truth"

From the first notification of loss (FNOL) to straight-through processing of claims, the Spixii Claim solution is designed to be always here for your customer and not let down your claims resolution processes in case of surges.

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Spixii Customer Service

Deal with recurring queries automatically and keep the high-value complex ones for your call centre

People seek reassurance in conversation and end up phoning call centres to express what they want to do driving operational costs, especially for simple queries. Design to solve exactly this problem, Spixii Customer Service provides the reassurance in automated conversation directly from your website.

Full-service capabilities

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Spixii works with the necessary departments to understand the current processes and how they can be augmented with the Spixii solutions

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Spixii delivers solutions with enterprise-grade security standards with short implementation times

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Data Analytics

Spixii's monthly reporting feature provides fresh insights on customer feedback and their behaviour to help you better engage with your customers

Our solution partners

From insurance platforms to RPA providers, Spixii partners with other insurance key technology actors to offer end-to-end digital solutions.

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Duck Creek Technologies is a leading provider of comprehensive P&C insurance software and services for insurers of all sizes worldwide. The partnership with Spixii results in an Award-Winning Claim Solution.

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Blue Prism develops leading Robotic Process Automation software to provide businesses with a more agile virtual workforce. Spixii complements Blue Prism's RPA through the automation of conversational customer-facing processes (CPA).

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Customers say


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Easier to deal with on the web than the phone and just as friendly and efficient.


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I'm deaf and struggle on the phone also I have severe anxiety so phone conversations are hard so using this service changed my life


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Quick and easy way to start the claims process. Better than holding on the phone for ages!


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I love the Chat bot, so quick and easy to use - great tool for customers.

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