How Zurich International launched Zuri, their customer service chatbot

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Zurich International (Zurich) set out on a new mission: improve their online customer experience and assess the appetite of their customers using an insurance chatbot. They engaged with Spixii to run a pilot to understand how to offer a better digital insurance service to their customers.

Use case

Customer service


The main customer service touchpoint was the Zurich website with a lot of information spread across multiple pages. Zurich was looking for a way to simplify the customer experience for finding relevant information while enhancing the brand and improving operational productivity. The starting point was to direct the inbound queries to the correct channel ranking from online customer portal, online resource, form and dedicated support.


As a first step of the Spixii framework, the Spixii delivery team flew over to Dubai to deliver a 3-day Discovery workshop. During the workshop both parties set the basis of the collaboration, aligning cultures and objectives as well as pinning the scope of the project with all the measures to be taken to successfully launch Zuri in the market.

Through the workshop activities, we get a good overview of the Zurich services and challenges, we were able to frame the problem to tackle and prioritise the multiple ideas we generated.

Zuri, the outcome of our collaboration, was successfully launched as a pilot on time on the 15th of October.

After this launch, the customers landing on the Zurich website could receive assistance from Zuri. Through a simple and personal text-based conversation, Zuri was able to redirect the customer to the relevant channel or web page, provide the customer with pdf forms to download or give information on procedures.

Thanks to an effective collaboration and thanks to Spixii framework Zuri was conceived, designed and implemented in a record of 6 weeks end-to-end delivery.

The intensive brainstorming activities of the Spixii Discovery workshop also highlighted the next opportunities to grasp to keep growing Zuri by enhancing the service of Zuri while keeping the customer experience above industry benchmark.


In the first 6 weeks of pilot, 25% of visitors engaged with Zuri. Zuri then allowed customers to solve queries without calling during working hours which represented 50% of all queries received. Here are the results from the pilot so far:


Visitor engagement


Queries management



Zuri also allowed collecting customer queries that couldn’t be delivered digitally at the moment, informing in real-time Zurich on next areas of development.


"Zurich believed that we could offer a much more responsive service to our customers through the addition of a Chatbot. We thought that a bot could handle basic customer support tasks and guide customers through essential processes. To help us broaden our understanding in this area and prove some of the theory, we partnered with Spixii and delivered a prototype chatbot in just 6 weeks. The bot has been highly successful. We now know more about our customer’s specific needs and we have learnt a huge amount about AI Chatbots from the Spixii team."

Anthony McGonagle, Head of Digital Transformation


"The Zurich and Spixii team has jointly delivered a capability to our customers that addresses an important service gap in our offering, and I was extremely pleased to see the degree of collaboration and the speed at which this service was launched. After a successful pilot, Zurich is now considering a wider scope and further services that Zuri can offer."

Reena Vivek, Chief Operating Officer

Executive Sponsor of Women's Innovation Network - Middle East

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