How Zurich UK scaled its claims chatbot proposition by catering to different customer segments

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After the launch of a very successful chatbot service, Zurich UK decided to enrich its claims chatbot proposition to answer a growing need identified through the chatbot itself and the analysis of its usage.

Use case



The chatbot “Zara” was designed at the beginning of 2018 to help direct customers notifying the losses related to Home and Car insurance. After the release of its first chatbot, Zurich UK observed a high number of claim notifications coming from different customer segments such as brokers and public institutions.

Compared to direct customers, these two customer segments had very different needs in terms of communication and relationship to the loss. With such a problem at hand, Zurich UK challenged Spixii to find a solution.


Taking a customer-centric approach, Zurich UK and Spixii mapped the customer journey of the different segments and the type of losses usually notified.

Direct customers are claiming once in a while (let’s say once every five years) and are emotionally involved because of a personal loss. SME and commercial customers instead are more emotionally detached from the loss. Such claims can also be made by their brokers who are also emotionally detached and notified claims on behalf of their clients quite often too. They are therefore familiar with the process and want a quick and smooth user experience. Public institutions tend to look after large estate with a higher number of flats or rooms in the case of universities. It means that the frequency of claims can be high and the experience should be direct, straight to the point as the time saved is even more important.

In addition to this, the first version of Zara was simultaneously managing Car and Home insurance claims. This hybrid solution was not fully embedded into the different claim management processes.

As a first step, Spixii engaged in a 1-day workshop with relevant people from the Zurich UK team to pinpoint the business needs and design a more effective solution. The first decision was to split Zara in two chatbots, one for Home the other for Car insurance. Then, with the help of service experts, we tailored the chatbot conversations to each customer segment.

As a result, the original Zara chatbot was split into 6 different chatbots to be placed in the right customer’s webpages. The 6 chatbots were built, tested and delivered within 2 weeks.


Among the achievements:

  • A stronger claims proposition created by listening to customer need and delivering a tailored solution.
  • Better overall business performance thanks to the ability to better serve customers and collect the right data for the right customer.
  • High customer feedback with ratings above 70% TNPS (Transactional Net Promoter Score)

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