How we helped a worldwide top-tier insurance company to pilot the first Quote and Buy travel insurance chatbot.

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The insurance company was exploring the potential of chatbot technology for online Quote and Buy in travel insurance. The ultimate goal was to improve the digital customer experience and increase conversion rates. In order to limit the risk of the test and learn approach, the pilot was done in the direct-channel representing a small portion of the overall revenue.

Use case

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Based on observation of conversion rates from call centres, the insurance company knew that insurance is better sold through a conversation. While the web-form (the traditional online journey) could be easily scaled at lower prices, it was converting significantly less than call centres, essentially being a monologue for the customer.

To improve its online customer experience, the insurance company wanted to connect Spixii technology to its rating engine in order to provide their customers with a fresh new online journey featuring a responsive and intelligent chatbot.


The insurance company chose Spixii thanks to its deep knowledge of the insurance processes and thanks to its robust technology, aligned with compliance and regulation. The solution resulted in a new experience for the customer, for the first time guided by a conversational interface through the discovery of travel products.

The chatbot was deployed in less than 6 weeks directly on the home page of the insurer, fully integrated with the rating engine. It delivered an uplift in conversion rates from day one from specific segments such as young people.

During the pilot, Spixii continuously optimised chatbot performance through usability testing with the end goal of maximising conversion rates. Tests included variations of positioning in the web-page to drive visitors to use the bot, changes in the content of the conversation, and the user interface. Developing a range of customer behavioral economics principles, the chatbot conversation focused on curiosity and inclusive language, making the brand shine. All the results were tracked thanks to Spixii Analytics module and through A/B testing on the webpage.

As of 2016, this was the first time a fully automated chatbot was used by the public to buy an insurance product online. It was designed to build trust and loyalty through clear, engaging and personal communication with the customer, and to offer insurers evidence-based insights coming from analytics to help them sell insurance in the right context to the right customer.


Here were the achievements:

  • The pilot phase resulted in consistently high customer feedback and higher conversion rates.
  • The chatbot allowed a sales uplift of +30% when used for lead capturing and qualification.
  • The chatbot provided the insurer with actionable insights on customer segments and behaviours.



For the insurer’s Chief Transformation Officer, “Spixii’s team was easy to work with, [and] able to adapt to our needs and constraints quickly".

For thensurer’s Digital Project Manager “it was a pleasure to work with Spixii. The team is customer-centric, they were attentive to our needs and every decision was data-driven.”

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