How Spixii helped a leading reinsurer to build a proposition of insurance chatbot technology for underwriting.

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The reinsurance company wanted to pinpoint the value an insurance chatbot could bring to their business and their insurance partners. The main focus was to understand how an insurance chatbot could simplify and enrich the process of distribution of life insurance products, from a customer perspective and for the internal operation one.

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The reinsurer started to be interested in chatbot technology early on and was seeking insights on insurance-specific applications and how it could be aligned with their roadmap. The reinsurer didn’t manage to build a proposition with large IT companies as they could not match their specific requirements and time-frame. The reinsurer wanted a fresh perspective from a provider with a track record in rapid deployment and contacted Spixii as an experienced chatbot provider.


Composed of a business development manager and IT manager, the reinsurer team came to Spixii office to learn more about Spixii intelligent chatbot technology and brainstorm about specific applications for their business.

During the workshop, we were able to pinpoint the first conversation and strategy plan blueprints. Spixii then prototyped a chatbot solution that provided for some initial questions to determine eligibility for a life cover. The main body of the conversation consisted of a set of questions from Sarah (yes, we also defined a name) to assess customer risk profile. By replicating the set of underwriting rules, Sarah was able to propose to the customer the best matching life insurance product.

Part of the exercise, we decided to test the chatbot experience with real people. The usability testing session of the prototype highlighted the customer lack of understanding of some parts of the journey. This led us to iterate the prototype and bring more value into the conversation by offering “Learn more” options to help the customer understand terminology and jargon.


Here were the achievements:

  • A tangible chatbot prototype to support the proposition inside the reinsurance company’s business units.
  • Service mapping and aspirational roadmap to implement Spixii within the reinsurer’s systems
  • A better understanding of insurance chatbot technology, fast product iteration cycles and conversation design principles.



In the Reinsurer’s Business Development Manager's own words, “[Spixii has the potential to change insurance underwriting processes] from static to dynamic".

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