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Combining the unique capabilities of both Socotra and Spixii into a complete and robust solution, insurers can now efficiently serve their customers online through conversational experiences that seamlessly connect policyholder data to advanced core functionality.

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Benefits of the Spixii + Socotra proposition

Spixii and Socotra joined their forces to enable insurers to easily integrate best-in-class Spixii Conversational Process Automation with Socotra’s modern core platform.

The strategy leverages state of the art technology to unlock end-to-end automation for virtually any insurance process. Instead of a black box technological solution, Spixii + Socotra proposition provides insurers with the means to draft autonomously automated insurance processes through simple and configurable Saas platforms. This opens the door to more streamlined and accurate processes, more control through solid change management and detailed performance analytics, and ultimately a more cost-effective solution through higher operational efficiency and customer experience.


The solution leverages Socotra's truly modern core system and Spixii's Conversational Process Automation platform to rapidly design end-to-end and fully-automated insurance processes with minimal effort and expense.

Spixii Conversational Process Automation empowers insurers to create and maintain end-to-end customer-facing processes. Through a simple conversation powered by intelligent chatbots, customers can easily get quotes for insurance products, renew existing policies, log a claim, and even enquire about existing ones. The native integration between Spixii and Socotra enables conversational processes built-in Spixii to read and write information directly into Socotra, based on logic configured by insurers. Providing conversational and process analytics, Spixii helps insurers rapidly enhance customer-facing processes and ensure the quality of data being transferred to Socotra.


"We are thrilled to welcome Spixii as a partner in the Socotra community. Spixii helps insurers offer an easy and intuitive way for customers to interact with their insurance policies. Socotra provides a reliable core for insurers to efficiently manage that mission-critical policyholder data. Together, Spixii and Socotra give insurers a robust solution to deliver exceptional customer experiences backed by powerful core capabilities—from quote to claim."

Ekine Akuiyibo, Vice President of Business Development and Deployments at Socotra

"Delivering value to customers while optimising combined operating ratio is crucial to insurers. As customers adopt digital channels, a fundamental shift in executing processes is happening and creating the need to have end-to-end solutions with robust connections. This is exactly why we partnered with Socotra. We’ve been truly impressed with Socotra and how easy one can configure it and create new specific data fields that we can map to conversational variables in the Spixii platform. The possibilities for creating unique processes are endless, and we can’t wait to see what forward-looking insurers will build."

Renaud Million, Chief Executive Officer at Spixii

About Socotra

Socotra is bringing transparency and accessibility to insurance technology. With Socotra’s modern core platform, global insurers and insurtech MGAs can accelerate product development, reduce maintenance costs, and improve customer experiences. Socotra provides open APIs, a product-agnostic data model, and out-of-the-box capabilities to manage the entire policy lifecycle, making insurance innovation faster, easier, and more affordable. To learn more, visit www.socotra.com.

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