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Conversational interfaces are becoming the preferred method for humans to communicate their needs ranging from everyday questions to more high-value requests concerning their life, saving and investment planning. Taking customer interaction to a new level, Spixii and Kidbrooke partnership is a prime example of making realistic scenarios about financial planning available via a guided conversation.

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Benefits of the Spixii + Kidbrooke® proposition

Life, saving and investment providers, as well as financial advisers, are constantly under pressure to make their propositions and services relevant to evolving markets and customers' expectations. With the investment guidance chatbot, businesses can now go to market in a short time with a powerful self-serve educating users about financial products.

Easy to use and configurable to fit any website and application, the conversational journey powered by the forecasting engine OutRank® from Kidbrooke® is an elegant solution providing rich information in a short time while ensuring compliance and audit requirements.

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Spixii enables businesses to build their high-value processes and conversational journeys at once on its CPA platform. Deciding how much to save, where and when to invest is a high-value process. This is where OutRank® from Kidbrooke® powers the conversational journey. Available 24/7 and in various languages, the investment guidance chatbot creates a complete solution to complement traditional channels and cater for individuals who prefer to use digital channels.

With the possibility to expand further its capabilities by integrating it with core systems, the investment chatbot lays the perfect foundation for interacting efficiently with your customers and learning from their preferences and needs.

“With Spixii’s conversational front end, the complex intelligence of OutRank® becomes accessible to your customers, especially financially vulnerable individuals.”

Fredrik Davéus, CEO & Co-Founder at Kidbrooke®


​​"The integration with OutRank® makes the most of the Spixii platform by providing end users and advisers with valuable forecasts through an intuitive process yet designed with compliance in mind."

Renaud Million, Chief Executive Officer at Spixii

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About Kibrooke®

By distilling decades of research in quantitative finance and behavioural economics into easily accessible APIs, Kidbrooke® enables financial institutions to build next-generation digital wealth experiences. We provide a financial simulation engine designed to lower the cost of providing wealth management services and reach your customers whenever they need you. To learn more, visit Kidbrooke.

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