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Spixii partnered with Duck Creek to offer the next-generation of end-to-end experience for customer-facing processes. Starting with the Spixii Claims Solution available on Duck Creek’s Content Exchange, it enables insurance customers to submit loss information in a personal, immediate and 24/7/365 available channel while allowing insurers to scale their claims processes through further automation.

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Benefits of the Spixii + Duck Creek proposition

Traditional insurance is not streamlined and requires manual input across multiple touchpoints, leading to operational inefficiencies. Spixii Platform focuses on Conversational Process Automation(CPA) and builds upon the Duck Creek core insurance platform in a complementary way, automating customer-facing processes such as claims while providing memorable user experiences. Combining these two award-winning platform, this unique proposition allows rapid and robust digitalisation and automation leading to increase revenue for Quote & Buy processes and costs saved for claims processes.


Spixii Claim solution enhances Duck Creek Claim by capturing and validating loss information through automated conversations provided by Spixii Intelligent Chatbots. This integration accelerates the access to the new standard of straight-through processing for simple claims as well as creating a robust and scalable digital channel for claimants enquiring on complex claims. Spixii Intelligent Chatbots go a step further compared to online portals by bringing empathy, critical for sensitive claims, along with a user-friendly experience.

As an integrated offering, Spixii Claim solution and Duck Creek Claim communicates in both directions to allow the capture of information, update of loss and resolution of claims for all lines of businesses such as property and motor as an example. Standard validations rules are in-built within the Spixii CPA platform to make the final user experience more pleasant and quick, and advanced business rules can be incorporated directly in the Duck Creek Claim workflows and ManuScript.

With this package, policyholders have the opportunity to submit property first notice of losses in their own time via Spixii Claim that will feed into Duck Creek Claim.


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Spixii worked with Duck Creek to expand the joint offering and provide combined solutions for other use cases of the insurance value chain. Demos are available for each use case, click below to enquire about them:

About Duck Creek Technology

Duck Creek Technologies is a leading provider of core system solutions to the P&C and General insurance industry. By accessing Duck Creek OnDemand, the company’s enterprise Software-as-a-Service solution, insurance carriers are able to navigate uncertainty and capture market opportunities faster than their competitors.

Duck Creek’s functionally-rich solutions are available on a standalone basis or as a full suite, and all are available via Duck Creek OnDemand. For more information, visit www.duckcreek.com

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