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Spixii has been working with AWS since 2016. Full-scalability of the tech, strong SLA, deep understanding of the compliance requirements (especially in EEA)  and wide-world availability of the infrastructure are the main reasons that drove Spixii to choose AWS as the best cloud partner. The following reading is one example among many of a solution that combines AWS and Spixii Technologies.

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While one-to-one conversations create trust between customers and insurance companies, they are difficult to scale as only one conversation can be held at a time. People end up queuing and call centres saturated quickly. For one of the top-tier global insurance companies, this challenge became crucial during the rapid development of COVID-19. Growing numbers of calls were observed from customers with questions related to the general information on the coronavirus and more specifically on the cover of their insurance policy.


The solution to the pressing and sudden surge is a specific chatbot guiding the customer through clusters of relevant information related to the coronavirus and their policy. The chatbot is accessible from multiple devices and available 24/7/365, creating a perfect digital tool to absorb the surge of enquiries.

The solution has been delivered in a record time of 10 days. It successfully the insurer’s crisis management team with a rapid and effective response.



Many cloud providers ensured their service during the COVID-19 emergency through compliance with their SLA (Service Level Agreement), but AWS took a step further. AWS provided free advice and funding (in credits) to help companies to develop custom solutions to help people and firms to fight the pandemic.

Next Steps

Thanks to the quick deployment process completed in 10 days, Spixii managed to gather a considerable amount of data and end-users’ feedback to plan a list of next deliveries and improvements. The platform supporting the solution is both solid, flexible and scalable enabling the chatbot to extend in its functionalities. For example, the capability to report a case of infection or getting access to the policy details are amongst the projects under discussion.

This rapid deployment laid down a solid foundation in the collaboration with the top-tier global insurer, starting from the match between their needs and Spixii Conversational Process Automation platform, which reduces the costs, improves the customer experience and relies on the solid AWS infrastructure.

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