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Spixii partnered with Appian to offer insurers an embedded solution that enables straight-through-processing (STP) and no-touch claims automation for P&C, Health and Life insurance. Through the joint solution, claims information is simply and automatically captured and entered into the claims system while managing the claims from the award-winning Appian Connected Claims platform. The joint solution results in a dramatic improvement of the claims experience for both the claims and the claims handler while significantly reducing the turnaround time.

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Benefits of the Spixii + Appian proposition

Claims are the most delicate part of the insurance value chain as they represent the moment of truth for insurers and their policyholders, directly affecting customer retention. Claims operations teams are often challenged by juggling with multiple systems that contain customer and claims data. Multiple systems and analogue claims resolutions slow down the claims process and increase the possibility for inaccurate decision making, potential fraud or litigation, or even worse losing a customer by not meeting the service expectations. On top of this, most claims are currently notified by phone. Call centres saturate quickly, especially during surges, creating high operational costs and waiting on hold for customers.

Spixii and Appian partnered to offer a powerful joint solution to address this problem. Spixii Conversational Process Automation (CPA) ensures the gathering of all the claims details at the first-notice-of-loss through its expert chatbots and leverages its Connectivity Hub integration to log the claim straight into Appian Connected Claims, where the insurers’ claims teams have a 360-degree view of each claim in an actionable dashboard of data from all claims systems, policy systems and 3rd party applications.

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Combining powerful applications linked to legacy claims systems, the Appian Connect Claims is now supercharged with a conversational front-end leveraging the Spixii platform offering superior customer experience. Therefore the policyholders or their agents are offered a simple and intuitive experience of entering the claim details at the most convenient time.

Empowered by the Spixii platform, the chatbot is able to collect rich content including media (photos, videos and invoices) and feedback (TNPS and verbatim) on top of the usual information. This allows claim handlers to have a clear overview of the claim along with insights about the performance of their processes, all in one place in the Appian Connected Claims platform.

In detail, the chatbot starts by identifying the claims via a two-step authentication system to ensure the highest security standards. It then continues to gather all the necessary claims details and automatically logs them within Appian Connected Claims. Once the claim is logged, claim handlers can take over and proceed with the claim resolution. Also, through the platform, the full claimant’s history overview is available with satisfaction rate and feedback, including the one collected by the chatbot.

As the last step, Spixii provides further data-driven insights through a dedicated platform. Through this, insurers can unlock rich conversation insights and improve their chatbot performance by consulting granular conversational analytics and iterate the chatbot accordingly.

In summary, by leveraging integrations with legacy claims systems and other third-party modules, Appian Connected Claims enables claims handlers to track the claims resolutions status in one place. It also means that claimants can enquire via the Spixii chatbots directly to retrieve in real-time claims status update by fetching the information in Appian Connected Claims.

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