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Automation can only perform fully when processes are integrated with core systems. Integration with core systems can often be challenging. Through its unique data orchestration framework,  actesy makes integration to any systems, modern or legacy, open with APIs or not, possible. Spixii and actesy enable businesses to leapfrog by offering true self-service for their customers.

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Benefits of the Spixii + actesy proposition

Spixii enables businesses to build their unique processes and conversational journeys simultaneously on its CPA platform. A key component of such processes is integration to any systems accessible in the function manager. The function manager is best suited for core systems equipped with APIs. For systems which are not yet equipped, the Spixii function manager will interface with the actesy data orchestration framework, which is connected to core systems. It means that more businesses can now benefit from powerful conversational process automation without worrying about the challenges of integrating their core systems.


The solution leverages the industry-agnostic, system and data expertise of actesy which supercharges the connectivity of the Spixii CPA platform. It combines the best of the two companies giving tremendous support to businesses to accelerate their digital and process automation journey.

actesy’s strong presence in Switzerland, Germany and Austria is complementary to the presence of Spixii in the UK, which enables the solution to reach a wider audience. Businesses will now be able to power their internal or external users to self-serve and execute specific processes which will read and update core systems. The process will be end-to-end automated without human intervention. It will save businesses’ operations precious time, while giving them total control over the performance of their operations.


"The partnership with Spixii underlines the universal applicability of the actesy data orchestration framework and enables Spixii and its users to integrate and orchestrate all relevant data regardless of the underlying technology or data source. Therefore, the built processes on the Spixii platform can easily be connected with any system/database. We are happy to partner with Spixii and setting together a new standard in conversational process automation."

Andreas Imthurn, Ph.D. HSG - CEO & Co-Founder at Actesy AG

"After meeting with Andreas and learning more about the experience of actesy, the synergies between Spixii and actesy became very clear. We had countless conversations with businesses which would love to integrate their processes built on the Spixii platform but are reticent because their core systems seem difficult to integrate. actesy is changing this perception and does the heavy lifting for them. We are pleased to partner with actesy to create a very compelling combined solution."

Renaud Million, Chief Executive Officer at Spixii

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About actesy

actesy is a Swiss Spin-off from University of St. Gallen and has been founded by industry experts. The team has gone through the advent of IT since its beginning and has decades of experience in data integration and orchestration, challenging the status quo to develop a sustainable technology for the future by learning from the past. actesy is a complete integration and data orchestration framework that connects and orchestrates data and systems regardless of the data source or underlying technology. To learn more, visit www.actesy.com.

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