Spixii Insurance Quote & Buy Solution

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Why automation for Quote & Buy?

The process to get a quote and buy an insurance policy is complex and often require a call with an insurance professional. Online, most of the web forms lack the personal touch of conversations resulting in material drop-offs. Automating expert conversations enable scale on digital channels with the continuous growth of the conversion rates thanks to advanced analytics and business insights.

Spixii Quote & Buy

Leveraging pre-designed conversations for most insurance products, Spixii Quote & Buy solutions are quickly configurable and ready to be integrated with your core system. Once live, the advanced analytics will give you granular knowledge of the performance of your new quote & buy process laying the foundation for continuous improvement.


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Increase revenue

Continuously improve the conversion rates of your quote & buy process through a lean process and at a lower cost base

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Enhance processes

Provide instant quotes and handle payments securely by integrating the chatbot in your existing process through connection with core systems

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Uncover customer insights

Enrich the knowledge base of your customers with advances analytics and business insights to refine and sharpen the uniqueness of your proposition

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See it in action

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Evolving to automated processes

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Leverage the Spixii Intelligent Chatbots simple interface to capture and validate the relevant information from the prospects and provide personal product selection

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Using the Spixii Connectivity Hub communicating with your core system, provide your customers with an instant quote and allow them to customise their coverage via add-ons

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Maintain a high customer satisfaction and business performance from the quote until the payment by offering a seemless end-to-end experience

Available for major insurance products

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Top features

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Optimised experience

Better align with customer expectations by optimising the interface according to the device they are using

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User input validation

Collect more accurate customer details by introducing specific validation rules for email, postcode, telephone number etc.

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Customer experience module

Measure your customer satisfaction rate using CSAT, TNPS or CES and gather feedback to understand how to improve your solution

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See how How Bupa trialled the UK's first-ever health insurance fully-integrated chatbot to transform their digital healthcare quote & buy process.

Embracing Conversational Process Automation (CPA)

Spixii CPA leverages insurance process expertise lacking by generic chatbot providers to improve customer-facing interactions and complete insurance companies’ automation platforms (e.g. RPAs).

How to implement Spixii Quote & Buy

As a pure B2B2C solution, Spixii believes in the value of reconciling customer and business needs. Once live we offer premium hands-on support for 6 weeks accelerating the benefits gained by your business thanks to the Spixii Quote & Buy Solutions.

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