Spixii Insurance Claims Solution

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Why automation for Claims?

Claims represent the ‘moment of truth’ for insurers and their customers. Most claims are currently notified by phone. Call centres saturate quickly, especially during surges, creating high operational costs and waiting on hold for customers.

Spixii Claims

From the first notice of loss (FNOL) up to straight-through processing (STP), Spixii Claims Solutions deliver touchless automation of the claims process with 24/7/365 Intelligent Chatbots capturing detailed customer feedback to continuously enhance their satisfaction rate.



Reduce operation costs

Open up to significant savings by augmenting your call centre capabilities through Intelligent Chatbot automation


Scale your expertise

Through the Function Manager, leverage pre-built integrations with leading claim platforms or directly connect your systems to our microservice architecture

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Increase customer retention

Be ready to help your customers at the “moment of truth” with 24/7/365 available chatbots, they won’t forget


See it in action

Request a demo with our sales team to get the solution overview. 

Evolving to automated processes


Collect data

Allow your customers to notify their loss straight through Spixii Intelligent Chatbots at their most convenient time whilst sparing them the hassle of queuing on the phone


Analyse risk

Perform the fraud check and claim triage through Spixii Intelligents Chatbot by identifying “fast track” to process and complex claims to route to claim handlers


Authorise payout

Complete the adjudication step and speed up the payout process by authorising “one & done” claims straight from Spixii Intelligent Chatbots conversations

Available for major insurance products

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Top features

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Media upload

Using the Spixii secure content management system, your customer can upload media such as photo, invoice and video avoiding unnecessary back and forth

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DVLA recognition

Validate user information upfront by connecting with APIs able to check existing number plates

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Customer experience module

Measure your customer satisfaction rate using CSAT, TNPS or CES and gather feedback to understand how to improve your solution

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User input validation

Collect more accurate customer details by introducing specific validation rules for email, postcode, telephone number etc.


See how Zurich UK  launched their first FNOL claims chatbot in just 5 weeks leveraging Spixii CPA and how it managed to absorb the Beast from the East surge. 

Embracing Conversational Process Automation (CPA)

Spixii CPA leverages insurance process expertise lacking by generic chatbot providers to improve customer-facing interactions and complete insurance companies’ automation platforms (e.g. RPAs).

Explore our end-to-end joint solutions

Our solution partners

From insurance platforms to RPA providers, Spixii partners with other insurance key technology actors to offer end-to-end digital solutions.

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Spixii partnered with Appian to offer insurers an embedded solution that enables straight-through-processing (STP) and no-touch claims automation for P&C, Health and Life insurance.

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Socotra provides open APIs, a product-agnostic data model, and out-of-the-box capabilities to manage the entire policy lifecycle, making insurance innovation faster, easier, and more affordable.

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Blue Prism develops leading Robotic Process Automation software to provide businesses with a more agile virtual workforce. Spixii complements it through the automation of conversations.

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How to implement Spixii Claims

As a pure B2B2C solution, Spixii believes in the value of reconciling customer and business needs. Once live we offer premium hands-on support for 6 weeks accelerating the benefits gained by your business thanks to the Spixii Claims Solutions.

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Discuss with Spixii team about your business needs and discover how Spixii CPA Platform can accommodate them.