Grow with the Spixii framework

The Spixii framework was consolidated through numerous projects and supported by an insurance-specific technological infrastructure.

Spixii Technology principles

Insurance specific

The Spixii technology is designed to align with the dedicated needs of insurance companies specifically and can be integrated to your existing systems for added value.

Iteration friendly

The Spixii technology allows us to make continuous and quick iterations to be made so that insurers can adapt to their customer's constant evolving needs.

Robust and Compliant

The Spixii technology was built in accordance with the GDPR  and Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) regulations ensuring compliance.  

Technology to meet your security standards


Spixii solutions are validated by specialists from the security, insurance expertise to the compliance aspect including the treatment and protection of personal data.

Light implementation

Spixii implementations start light and offer multiple options of implementations for both front-end and back-end integrations.

Stateless architecture

Spixii solutions architectures use reliable, scalable and secure components to create a stable and safe bridge between customers and insurance legacy system. All personal data are flowing straight to the protected central vault.


Spixii solutions security is ensured via monitoring, automated alerting systems and frequent penetration tests.

Spixii technology peculiarities

Implementation time

The implementation time depends on the complexity of the solution. As an indicator, you should expect to deliver your solution in maximum 12 weeks thanks of the Spixii architecture which doesn't require machine training.

Multiple integrations

The Spixii technology allows to integrate with rating engines and policy systems. On top of this we also connect with email systems, Customer Relationship Management tools and multiple APIs.

Spixii certifications

Spixii is ISO certified

ISO 27001 Information Security Management is the most recognised certification for Information Security Management with a key focus on security and data.

Data protection

Spixii's processing of personal data complies with the GDPR and IDD requirements and is in line with the accountability principle.

High-security standards

Our mission is to provide you with a safe, secure service - always. An awareness of data privacy, distribution directives and technical knowledge allow us to operate in the regulated insurance industry.

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