Spixii Insurance Customer Service Solution

Why automation for Customer Service?

Studies have shown that up to 40% of all customer service tickets can be answered through the FAQ page leading to human resource wastage and higher operating costs, yet no one enjoys searching answers through FAQ. Chatbots allow providing this information in a personal and easy way. Providing customers with a personalised experience while allowing customer service executives to focus on more complex topics is difficult. That’s where automation comes in.

Spixii Customer Service

Integrated with leading CRM and web live chat, Spixii Customer Service solution augments your back-office capabilities by taking care of simple tasks and automatically raising tickets for unanswered queries.



Reduce operation costs

Open up to significant savings by embracing chatbot automation of simple tasks freeing up staff


Increase customer retention

Raise the standard of your customer support with 24/7/365 available chatbots


Boost revenue

Leverage chatbots to enhance product discovery and enable cross-sell opportunities


See it in action

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Evolving to automated processes


Capture customer queries

Leverage Spixii Intelligent Chatbots to collect customers queries and free your employees from the most simple and recurring questions


Answer simple queries

Spare your customers the hassle of queuing on the phone by providing them with instant answers


Guide your customer

Use Spixii Intelligent Chatbot as a concierge to redirect to relevant resources in your website or hand-off to human for more complex queries

Available for major insurance products









Top features



Solve queries while letting your customer know about your offerings within the same conversation

User input validation

Collect more accurate customer details by introducing specific validation rules for email, postcode, telephone number etc.


Media upload

Allow your customers to upload media content and avoid unnecessary back and forth

Customer experience module

Measure your customer satisfaction rate using CSAT, TNPS or CES and gather feedback to understand how to improve your solution

Embracing Conversational Process Automation (CPA)

Example of a Customer Service process with and without Conversational Process Automation


How to implement Spixii Customer Service

As a pure B2B2C solution, Spixii believes in the value of reconciling customer and business needs. Once live we offer premium hands-on support for 6 weeks accelerating the benefits gained by your business thanks to the Spixii Customer Service Solutions.

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