Spixii Business Insights

Receive digestible reports uncovering customer behavior insights and supporting you to identify the most recurring customer feedback themes. Leverage Spixii expertise with the option of receiving additional suggestions on how to improve your chatbots and the processes performance.



Acquire customer knowledge

Share insights about your customer to the various functions of your organisation fostering a customer-centric approach


Increase customer retention

Enrich the knowledge base of your customers to offer personal experiences and refine the uniqueness of your proposition


Enable continuous improvement

By reviewing Spixii Business Insights, approve changes to be rapidly deployed and analyse their impact in the next report



Custom reporting

Receive multiple reports tailored to the relevant business unit detailing your service performance


Behavioural pattern analysis

Beyond direct customer feedback, discover unspoken details related to their experience


Empirical Insights

By continuously analysing the data collected, Spixii suggests improvements to better engage with your customers

Clients say


The work that we have been doing with Spixii has given us some real insight into what innovative technologies can bring to insurance. The chance to make the process of buying and utilising insurance products easier could make their experience far better

John Moore, Bupa Customer Lab


Spixii's iterative approach helped us hit the ground running and allowed a solid foundation to scale-up. They shone through a different way of thinking

Tim Richards, Zurich


Spixii learns from its customer interactions and is able to offer personalised insurance products in real-time. Spixii’s interactions are friendly and conversational, making for a customer experience that is convenient and even pleasant

John Cusano, Accenture


The Spixii team made my life easier. The auditable, structured chatbot technology met our compliance and legal requirements during the trial, and has been straightforward to integrate

James Oughton, Bupa Customer Lab

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