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Spixii claims solutions

Why automation for claims?

Claims represent the ‘moment of truth’ for insurers and their customers. Most claims are currently notified by phone. This channel is saturated quickly, increasing operational costs plus time waiting on hold for customers.

Spixii claims solutions

Starting at the First Notification of Loss (FNOL) up to the complete claims settlement, Spixii claims solutions are based on AWS cloud technology and include a 24/7 insurance chatbot scaling the claims process while improving customer satisfaction.



Increase customer satisfaction by replying promptly at the moment of truth, when they claim

Operation reporting

Provide your claim handlers with advanced customer loss reporting to facilitate the claim settlement

Business reporting

Gain insights through recurring reporting on chatbot performance and customer satisfaction rate

Custom services

Tailor your solution with more advanced services such as custom integration with your policy system

Top features

NPS system

Measure your customer satisfaction rate and gather feedback to understand how to improve your solution

User input validation

Collect more accurate customer details by introducing validation rules for email, postcode, telephone number etc.

Media upload

Allow your customers to upload media content to better describe loss details and avoid unnecessary back and forth

DVLA recognition

Validate user information upfront by connecting with APIs able to check existing number plates

How to implement Spixii claims solutions

As a pure B2B2C solution, Spixii believes in the value of reconciling customer and business needs. Our free trial and partnership are designed to gather both your business and customer requirements and make constant iterations based on the feedback coming from the two parties.

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