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Coronavirus and insurance: threat or opportunity?

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Our promise to you

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When it comes to Spixii’s modus operandi, we believe there’s only one reason why a company would exist: to serve their ideal client and make things easier for them. As a result, they would be a successful company only when they keep their promises and serve their clients in a way that delights them.

Because of this philosophy, we at Spixii aim to work in such a way so that our clients feel like they have hit the jackpot with us!

To delight our clients in this way, we keep the following three promises in mind during each step of the association:


The Spixii promises

1. Peace of mind delivered

At no point during the process will you feel like there is chaos. The solutions that we provide can be quickly and efficiently integrated with legacy systems. We prevent difficult situations and act swiftly as required.

We also ensure that the end-users of our solutions are equipped with an easy-to-use interface. This allows the technology to be used by people of all ages and demographics.

Spixii helped Anne, an 81-year old woman, get better protected through the Zurich chatbot, Zara, thus, delivering peace of mind not just for insurers but also their end-users. You can watch the video here.


2. Disciplined growth

We believe in sustainable solutions and success that last for the long-term. To achieve both, the methods and approaches employed need to be sustainable as well.

Thus, we provide a step-by-step iteration of our solutions. Long-term support is provided based on customer usage and feedback. Through the structured data collected by the chatbot, Spixii also provides in-depth monthly reports based on which the iterations are made.

To ensure continuous growth for our clients, we make sure that the operational resilience and robustness of the processes keep involving internally within the company. We keep training our talents with the latest insurance and technology trends and bring both together to solve pressing problems. There are in-house workshops, attended conferences, and regular meetings to ensure that we create disciplined growth internally.


3. Empirical insights provided

Our mission as an insurtech provider does not end once we’ve provided the chatbot. In fact, that is when it really begins.

Through the Spixii analytics products that can be added to the Spixii chatbot, our clients truly get to know their customers. This is not guesswork when it comes to customer personas. As customers use the chatbot technology in real-time, data is generated. This data is used to generate customer insights.

Imagine how customer experience and customer service could scale up with these insights. Aren’t these two the only things that customers care about in the end? When you nail these two, why won’t customers come back?

Thus, with Spixii solutions and with very limited effort on their part, our clients get crucial customer insights that only help to better their services.

With all these promises driving our client servicing, we have been able to grow in a disciplined way with some clients returning for more of the Spixii chatbots!


If you are looking for a holistic chatbot provider and the above three promises speak to you, then we encourage you to engage with the infobot and then visit our solutions page for more information.

We look forward to delighting you!

The SPIXII Marketing Team
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