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The 3 T's of successfully capturing the millennial market

5 min read Did you know? Millennials account for about a quarter of the world’s population i.e. 1.8 bn people in the world are millennials (born betwe...

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Stepping out of home: global Insurance and InsurTech trends that you must know

  4 min read Once upon a time, the insurance industry moved at a small pace. Change knocked on its doors, but it took time to give it a seat at the ta...

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Looking in the crystal ball: the future of insurance in 2030

4 min read Even though the insurance industry is famed for being set in its ways, it won’t be able to keep this reputation for long. Technological and...

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No one does it like us: 3 reasons why Spixii solutions will work for your business

3 min read   In the last blog, we demystified Spixii offerings and highlighted the benefits you reap with our automated insurance solutions. In this p...

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