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Demystifying the Spixii offerings



The Spixii solutions are more beneficial and state-of-the-art than might be outrightly obvious. For one, they offer a host of benefits to insurance companies that traditional systems and software don’t and can’t. Secondly, they address pain points within its ecosystem that would require the expenditure of extra-human and monetary resources otherwise. And finally, they create a win-win for both the customer and for the insurance agency that translates into a better experience and a reliable long-term association.


In this article, we dive deep into exploring what makes Spixii’s solutions stand out and why you, as an insurance provider, will benefit from including it in your operational structure.


On the surface


The Spixii solution solves critical problems in each of the 3 important domains by using chatbots as a customer-facing tool. Have a look:


  • In the claims domain
  • In the customer service domain
  • In the distribution domain

81-year-old Anne’s story speaks for itself. When she was stuck at her house during the Beast from the East with a non-functional conservatory, she phoned the claims department which was under the pressure of attending a thousand calls per minute due to the storm. And so, Anne couldn’t get through to them. She then used Zurich UK’s chatbot, Zara, to file a claim and on that same day received a call from a claim handler who took note of her problem. Within the week, Anne’s lavatory was fixed and her experience with Zurich UK had earned the company a big-hearted 5-star.

To learn more about Anne’s experience please click on the link at the end of this blog.


The following is the predicted real estate trend in the UK: leaning towards renting rather than buying.



From The Guardian



For a simple change like this, it becomes a waste of time for customers to change their address ever so often. The customer service bot acts like a concierge bot to take care of and change any account details within minutes and also address any other pain points.


Most of the customers are not familiar with insurance jargon and the process of purchasing the right insurance for themselves. At Spixii, we are deep believers in the power of making guided, well-informed decisions. The Spixii solution reveals the entire process of purchasing insurance and making claim, thus leaving no room for any ‘check the fine print’ dilemmas. The process isn’t tossed down the customers’ throats; instead, at each step, they are given the choice to go further or not due to the step-by-step nature of the process.


The above pointers translate into more transparency and clarity for the customer which are natural triggers for increasing trust. Not to mention, the Spixii solution allows the further cultivation of this trust through 24*7 availability for enquiries. The solution is also scalable which means it can easily be used for servicing multiple customers at a time instead of just one. The claim handler can then decide which enquiry deserves immediate attention and channel focus towards it.


Beneath the tip of the iceberg


Below the surface, however, the Spixii solution is a data analytics tool that provides the crucial behavioural insights you need to know for a better relationship with your customer. The data is collected on our end according to the terms of a robust DPIA, Data Protection Impact Assessment, and all GDPR laws and regulations and compiled into a comprehensive report that we send to you. On the basis of the findings in the report, you can then work to reform the different aspects of your business, customer communication, and style of services offered.


Specifically, the solution can provide you with insights related to the crucial KPIs of your business, namely:


  • Business KPIs
  • NPS score
  • Customer satisfaction

You can get answers as to whether the chatbot is engaged or not, where customers are dropping off and not continuing on their purchase journey, and how efficiently the claims notification process is being implemented.


The higher the NPS score, the better your brand image, credibility, and potential for a profitable business. Higher NPS scores invariably translate to lower customer acquisition costs due to a good word of mouth reputation. If you’ve ever doubted the effectiveness of word of mouth, then remember these numbers:





Using the Spixii solution helps you to build towards this score due to progressive and easy-to-access customer service.






With the kind of response received from customers when they engage with the solution, one can get to know the exact pain points and not beat around the bush with fixes that the customers don’t even need. And the more personalisation you’ll be able to add to your services, the more the customer will feel understood and satisfied.


Another great feature of the Spixii solution is the easy connectivity through which it can be connected to other applications and systems, including payment gateways. A great example of the latter is accessing the database of car number plates for validating the number on the plate when a car insurance claim arrives. All of the applications that can be connected to the Spixii solution are top-quality and secure in themselves, perpetuating the same during customer processes.


And finally, after you’ve launched and implemented the solution thoroughly to generate custom and unique user experience for your customers, the iteration process starts. According to the data on the performance of the application, changes are made- not only to the visible aspects of the chatbot but to the entire process as well.


When we deployed the claims-focused solution for Zurich UK, we started with a basic model that we continuously refined with their team after seeing pain points in action. One of these was the inability to share photos of required documents that lengthened the entire claims processes. Once the need was discovered, we worked to fulfill it and soon had a new version ready for Zurich UK to release. Now, documents or media files including videos can be shared within the solution and are available for the claim handler's viewing as well.




If all of this sounds too good to be true in theory, we invite you to explore how amazing it can when the solution is implemented practically. To get a taste of the same, you can have an instant conversation with our infobot and then get in touch to take things forward.


A new modus operandi is emerging for the insurance industry. Are you ready to embrace it and take it on? Watch the Anne video to see how we ‘helped more people get better protected’ in line with the SPIXII mission.

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