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Earn the gold star for travel insurance this summer with Spixii solutions

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Ray Bradbury, the author of the classic Fahrenheit 451, said:

“Half of the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness.”

And at no other time do people pack up their bags to search and revel in this aesthetic like they do in summers.

Ah, sweet summers.

Hot days, humid nights. The sun an orb of unforgiving heat. But, spirits just as resilient when people lock the door behind them and head for their summer adventure.

Before the aesthetic, though, comes the mundane activities. Purchasing travel insurance is usually at the top of the list.

For insurance companies, however, summers are a time to rejoice with millions of Britishers flying out to Spain, Italy, Ireland, USA, and other top destinations.

Before beginning to rejoice, however, make sure you are ready for this busy period. And how do you do that?

By tying up your boots for the showdown. This way, as a modern travel insurance provider, you can ensure that you get the most out of Spixii's solutions during this busy period.


Why Spixii's solutions?


On the surface, Spixii's solutions might look like just ‘another’ technology to invest in (and don’t you have plenty of those already?)

But, the stand out feature of Spixii's solutions is that they provide both tangible and intangible benefits to your company and your customers.

It’s summer. That means most of your employees, too, will be travelling. Will you fill up their absence and the support they provide through new hires? Of course not. Having Spixii's solutions- available 24*7 without needing any coffee and toilet breaks- makes servicing the customer more convenient for everyone involved.

Not to mention, customer service be flooded with enquiries- from which plan to purchase, to asking about how to claim the one that’s already been bought. With a smaller workforce, handling all of them on your own will burn down everyone.

Spixii's solutions can take off the load off everyone by answering simple queries and guiding customers through the insurance purchase or claiming process.

If troublesome and undesirable situations do occur while someone is travelling, their severity can escalate quickly and the travellers could require desperate help. Without having to worry about timezones, connectivity, roaming charges, the distressed can reach out through the solution and have their problem solved as soon as a representative is available.


Benefits of Spixii's solutions during summers


Higher customer satisfaction


Automated insurance solutions help to provide better customer service

There is no end to the benefits that Spixii solutions can provide to customers. Spixii solutions feature conversational robots. In other words, traditional insurance processes become digital and conversational.

Before they are leaving for a trip to Bali or any other enchanting corner of the world, individuals can purchase a plan online after getting all the required details whether it’s 2 pm in the afternoon or 2 am in the morning. Those with pre-existing medical conditions can also get personalised quotes based on their medical history.

While on a trip, customers can send out a call for help to receive assistance immediately. Traditional ways of communication would have meant delays and lag times due to differing time zones and, of course, incurring high fees for international calls.

However, by engaging with the conversational robot, they can find the required solution easily and quickly. If they do need to connect to an insurance representative, they can input all details about their problem. When the representatives call, they are well informed, prepared and ready with a solution with no time wasted in noting down the details all-over again.

In a foreign land, stuck in an inconvenient or dangerous situation, this shortened window of time makes all the difference.

This prompt and timely customer experience leads to higher customer satisfaction.


Constant iteration for better customer experience


Automated insurance solutions create a great customer experience through constant iteration of the infobot

Once the customers start engaging with the conversational robots, feedback will start rolling in. This will relate to the design of the experience, the flow of information, the ease of use, connectivity issues, other contextual aspects of the conversation and most importantly the service expected from the insurance provider.

Based on this feedback, the conversational bot is constantly refined. Cosmetics items are improved, while impactful new features are introduced. Sometimes, the entire conversational section is replaced. And all of this happens under the tip of the iceberg making way for a seamless release. SPIXII provides solutions and the framework to better it.


Data analysis


Automated insurance solutions help in data analysis and data interpretation for greater organisational development

Last but not least, a massive benefit of using Spixii solutions is that one can use the incoming enquiries and the ongoing activity for data analysis. Spixii solutions give birth to unprecedented new data.

When you still have a lead or prospect, tracking social media numbers and web traffic is useful, but the data analysis that you reap from Spixii solutions is a thousand times more beneficial. This is because you are getting direct insights into the kind of customer experience you are providing after the customer has signalled interest in your offering.

For example, the fact that they are using the Spixii conversation to answer specific questions, get personalised quotes, and enquire about the process, invariably means they are way up in the sales funnel. Understanding their behaviour- where they are hooked and where they are turned off- will help to better your insurance offers and services so that leads can convert into customers. You’ll also be able to map the journey that takes someone from being a lead to a prospect. Appropriate changes can be made in your strategy as well as the conversational robot itself to convert someone quickly and lead them to purchase a plan.

For example: according to TrekkSoft*, Monday is the most popular day for booking trips while Saturdays are the least busy. You can check this against your findings when analysing data. If it comes out to be accurate, you can market yourself more aggressively mid-week when bookings all but plateau.

In contrast, when a customer uses the solution, you can collect relevant data and track how satisfied customers are, where they are dissatisfied, where they are inconvenienced and what you might do about that.

This is very crucial for the sustenance of your organization. Most organizations focus on bringing in new customers while paying scant attention to old ones. In reality, it costs 5-6 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an old one. Loyal customers are worth 10x more after their first purchase.

When you analyse the data related to your established customer base, you can improve the quality of services offered, so that they keep coming back and buying insurance with increasing levels of trust and safety.

Example: For those with a tendency to travel every summer and purchasing history with you, you can upsell another plan. You won’t have to start from scratch with them; trust already exists in your dealings. That is why 30% of people would purchase from the same website that they had in the past. The probability of successfully reselling and upselling are high.

This results of this analysis can also be used for effective data segmentation. What kind of customer base responds to what type of strategy? The findings in your data will answer this and allow you to make changes and pivot so that the customer is 200% satisfied in the end and purchases from you.

Lastly, maybe the most impressive feature of what you offer isn’t as captivating for your audience. How can you change that and steal your customer’s hearts? The conversations with the Spixii bot will guide you.




In the end, one part of the insurance journey is not more important than the other. The selling of insurance is not more crucial than the claiming of it, and vice-versa. Providing a flawless experience end to end is what will make you stand out as an insurance provider.

What are you still waiting for? The clock is ticking, the sun is shining hot, but soon it will not. Make a decision now. This could be the season when your travel insurance services take off. Delay no more and enquire with our Spixii bot right now.


* Source


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