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A walkthrough of the compliance tool

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Compliance and regulation form the backbone of the insurance industry. With any new customer-focused innovation, it is key that we build technology around compliance to make sure teams are aligned and comfortable before launch. After the last blog post on the books that have shaped customer development at Spixii, here is a walkthrough of those learnings put into practice.


2018 - the year of regulatory changes

GDPR and the upcoming Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) have led companies to re-evaluate the use of their data, who owns what and how they must protect it for their customers. How can you innovate while keeping your customer data safe, manage it correctly and prevent security breaches or costly fines?

For customers, we are more aware than ever of the data we provide and its value. And as companies, we have a duty to be more responsible.

Against this backdrop, it should be as easy as possible for insurers to audit their digital innovation. Often, people think of chatbots as chatty and unguided - in other words, disaster for a regulated industry! Yet, chatbots can actually make the lives of your compliance teams easier thanks to the compliance tool.

Here is a walkthrough by Matteo Schgor, our UX designer, of how it was created.


1. The problem

The Spixii Conversation eXperience Designer (CXD) was built to create carefully guided, structured chatbot conversations. When collaborating with clients to design chatbots, we work closely with compliance teams to review every possible digital customer journey to understand exactly where and how they got there. Our co-founder and CPO, Alberto Chierici, explores why here.

However, this was resulting in a time-intensive reviewing cycle. Rounds of reviews and feedback were getting lost in spreadsheets. And as much as we love a good spreadsheet, keeping track of them on top of additional feedback in emails was a nightmare.

The solution?

We set out to create a tool that would keep feedback in one place, automatically date each review and help teams communicate with each other with more clarity.


2. Customer development




Before creating the prototype, we asked our clients questions like the following:

  • What were your pain points while reviewing online journeys?
  • What does your internal reviewing and approval process look like?
  • How many people or departments are involved?
  • How do you communicate internally with these teams?
  • What are you looking for while reviewing conversations e.g. tone of voice, grammatical errors and lack of clarity?

Then we took inspiration from the Bupa Customer Lab.

Their method of testing the chatbot conversation was intuitive: they merged screenshots of the bot, printed them and commented from there. We looked into ways of digitising this, to make it as easy and trackable as possible to give feedback. Thus, we created a minimum viable product (MVP) to visualise every possible conversation, allowing you to easily and quickly add comments and see the edits all in one place.


3. Customer feedback and iteration



After creating this prototype, we then tested it with our clients - no surprise here! We ran a series of user testing sessions and iterated based on their feedback. The resulting prototype included a commenting system, reviewing facilitators that allows you to compare versions, colours and icons, plus a versioning system.

Here is a sneak-peak into the compliance tool.



In the words of James Oughton from the Bupa Customer Lab, "the Spixii team made my life easier".

Ultimately, the compliance tool is a digital solution designed to mediate the communication between a client and chatbot provider when designing a script-driven chatbot conversation. Using an iterative approach, the script can change hundreds of times in between drafting the initial journey on paper and developing in on the CXD.

For this week's GDPR, it is critical innovation meets compliance and regulatory requirements - and why not make it as easy as possible to do so. 


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