About Conversational Process Automation (CPA)

What is CPA?

With Conversational Process Automation we refer to the optimisation of business processes. Through automation of customer-facing tasks via chatbot interactions, most of the time integrated with core systems, CPA allows end-to-end processing and leverages advanced analytics to continuously improve both the underlying process and the conversation with the end-user.


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Higher performance

CPA allows the reduction of operations costs while increasing productivity: a CPA chatbot never sleeps and makes consistent actions, zero deviation from the intended purpose

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Continuous improvement

CPA is a dynamic solution designed to execute business processes, detect weaknesses and quickly optimise their performance

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Customer retention

CPA improves customer experience by adding a “voice” to process-heavy business interactions

How is CPA uniquely different from other digital solutions?

Infographic comparison of traditional insurance channels performance in comparison with Conversational Process Automation

Call centres provide an overall good and personal user experience yet they saturate quickly causing customers to wait. No one likes waiting and complaints are inevitable and ultimately damage the reputation of the brand. The only way to overcome this problem would be to have one operator per customer, which is not viable business-wise.

Webforms and portals provide a good business performance by leveraging digitalisation to automate processes that were once performed manually. Yet webforms lack the personal conversation of call centres reducing them, essentially, to digital monologue. Customers today expect more than impersonal and clunky interactions.

Live chat empowers human agents to manage multiple personal conversations at the same time. It empowers and scales call centres. Yet, each agent can manage a maximum number of 4 conversations causing long waiting times. Web live chat suffers from the same constraints as call centres, it only raises the threshold higher.

CPA allows the optimum customer experience by preserving the personal conversation yet delivering it digitally at scale. CPA enables an illimited number of personal and consistent conversations at a fraction of the cost of the analogue ones.

How is CPA different from Conversational AI?

While Conversational AI focuses uniquely on conversations, CPA is primarily concerned with the execution and optimisation of the business processes it covers. The aim of CPA is to allow businesses to be more performant through agility and adaption of customer needs through the gathering of structured data and continuous improvement.

Infographic with CPA at the intersection of Conversational AI and Business Process Automation

How does CPA work?

Evolution is inevitable, get on the train

40 years ago insurance leaders decided it was time to push their business to the next level by enhancing operational efficiency. Today besides the constant need for operational improvement, customer expectation is raising more than ever. CPA offers the chance to take two pigeons with one stone. Technology is ready, are you?

Infographic of evolution of insurance customer interaction to CPA
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