Technology designed around your customer

Being insured is a superpower. From millennials to baby boomers, our mission is to first understand your customers as individuals and design chatbot technology around their needs.



Customers are frustrated by the traditional online digital experience. Forms are often long and confusing, even for those who work in the industry. Chatbot technology is set to be the future for personal engagement.

Through crafting compelling compliant digital experiences, we hope to return the trust between insurance companies and their customers.

Ultimately? We want a world that is 100% insured.

Our Story


United by their passion in the social and economic value of insurance, the co-founders left their offices to ask insurance customers for their stories. The idea for an engaging chatbot was born.


In early 2016, Spixii took wings. We started growing a team of Spixiifiers, attracted by our founding mission and core values.


Supported by six accelerators, we began working with leading global insurers including Allianz, Bupa and Zurich.


We are a multi-disciplinary team of architect-designers, data scientists, writers, engineers, developers and actuaries. Passionate about understanding the ever-changing needs of insurance customers, we value technology for what it does, not what it is.