Enabling the growth of your business by protecting and servicing more people

Being insured is a superpower. From millennials to baby boomers, the SPIXII framework helps you to focus on your customers as individuals and to prioritise the design of automated insurance services around their needs.

...is it [speak-see]?

Our vision

We believe in insurance and the inevitable benefit of a world 100% insured.

Today, sadly, most of the people have lost the value of insurance because of the way it is sold and communicated since the digitalisation era.

The SPIXII framework proposes a meaningful use of technology designed to link back people with insurance and simplify the communication. We also believe that innovation always starts from a customer-focused approach.

The SPIXII framework

We believe that the best services are supported by the best user experiences. Starting with customers pains and needs, we design and perform efficient implementation that we later iterate thanks to actionable behavioural insights.

The story of SPIXII


Passionate about the social, economic value of insurance, yet frustrated by the way it was often sold, the co-founders set out on a mission. They left their offices to ask insurance customers for their stories. The idea for a chatbot as the first product was born.


SPIXII attracted a rockstar team of Spixiifiers and began growing through a number of accelerators, including TechStars, StartupBootCamp, MassChallenge and the Bupa Blue Table. Our chatbot technology was consolidated in market trials across Europe with large insurance companies.


SPIXII continues to work with leading global insurers, helping them go to market with chatbot solutions. We are now growing the team, spreading our wings and looking to empower brokers, agents, insurers and reinsurers. Let's restart the conversations between insurance companies and their digital customers.

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As a multi-disciplinary team of experts coming from different background and cultures, we are ready to tackle every challenge and propose holistic solutions. Passionate about understanding the ever-changing needs of insurance customers, we value technology for what it does, not what it is.